25 Handmade Valentine’s Day Cards That Surpass Store-Bought Options

This article showcases 25 unique and creative Valentine’s Day cards that are made by hand and are sure to impress your loved one more than a store-bought card could. Each card is one-of-a-kind, and perfect for adding a personal touch to this special holiday. Show your love and appreciation in a truly meaningful way with these handcrafted cards.

1. DIY confetti heart card

Design Improvised

2. DIY lollipop heart card

One Little Project.

3. DIY 3D heart pop-up card

Lia Griffith‘s

4. DIY pop-up pixel heart card


5. DIY heart flower bouquet card

Stampin’ Mom of Four

6. DIY tissue paper heart card

The Joy of Sharing

7. DIY button heart card

Kids Craft Room

8. DIY salt shaker card with pouring hearts

Lawn Fawn‘s

9. DIY card with raining hearts

HLK Downstairs Designs.

10. DIY shaker heart card

Paper Crafty’s Creations

11. DIY gold glitter heart card

May Holic Craft

12. DIY sealed kiss card

Martha Stewart

13. DIY kissing pop-up card

Buggy and Buddy‘s

14. DIY glitter handprint card

The Craft at Home Family

15. DIY pressed flower card


16. DIY doily mice card

Glued to My Crafts

17. DIY owl card

Hello Wonderful

18. DIY turtle card


19. DIY accordion envelope card

White House Crafts

20. DIY folded envelope card with photo

Making Lemonade.

21. DIY word-and-vine card

The Postman’s Knock

22. DIY maze card

Kara Creates.

23. DIY We just fit card with puzzle pieces

That’s What Che Said

24. DIY card with playing cards

Thrifty Jinxy

25. DIY tic tac toe card

Jen Woodhouse

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