30 Awesome DIY Housewarming Gift Ideas

Some great places to start? The kitchen and the bathroom. There are endless trinkets and decor objects that these spaces could use to either make them more functional or beautiful, like pretty vases, centerpieces, sets of soap, and more.

DIY Housewarming Basket:

Tutorial: ourwanderingmind

DIY Housewarming Gift Basket:

Tutorial: fantabulosity

Housewarming Gift With FREE Printable:

Tutorial: thediyplaybook

DIY Housewarming Gifts Ideas:

Tutorial: herpetologistsleague

Housewarming Gift Basket:

Tutorial: stickersandstilettos

Housewarming Gift Guide:

Tutorial: craftifymylove

Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: lifeanchored

Make A DIY Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: jsevents

Best DIY Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: maisondepax

DIY Housewarming Gift Box:

Tutorial: almostmakesperfect

Housewarming Gift Tutorial:

Tutorial: gingersnapcrafts

Reed Diffuser Housewarming Gifts:

Tutorial: evermine

How To DIY Reed Diffuser Housewarming Gifts:

Tutorial: tastysouthernchic

Make Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: kumidreams

Moving Day Housewarming Gift Basket DIY:

Tutorial: saltycanary

Essential Oils Housewarming Gift Basket Ideas:

Tutorial: makinglemonadeblog

Gift Wrapping Idea by Søstrene Grene:

Tutorial: 2beesinapod

Housewarming Jar DIY:

Tutorial: ohhappyday

How To Put Together A Simple Housewarming Gift Basket:

Tutorial: thisisourbliss

Simple DIY Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: ediblelifeinyyc

Traditional German Housewarming Gift:


Easy DIY Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: happinessiscreating

How to Create a Unique and Personalized Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: simplyseptember

Make DIY Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: thequeenblife

Make It Housewarming Gift In A Jar:

Tutorial: thoughtfullysimple

Perfect DIY Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: livingporpoisefully

Smart and Useful Housewarming Gift Basket:

Tutorial: howtonestforless

Cleaning Bucket Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: seevanessacraft

How to Make DIY Housewarming Gift:

Tutorial: farmhousechicblog

Make A DIY Housewarming Basket:

Tutorial: thepartyevent

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