30 Creative Diaper Cake Ideas

Diaper cakes are a popular choice for baby showers since they can be used as both gifts and centerpieces. Diaper cakes can be purchased from a variety of internet shops, but making them yourself is not difficult. It will take some time, but you will save money.

Sleeping Baby Onesie + Diaper Cake:

Motorcycle Diaper Cake – Ridden By a Baby Toy:

Double Decker Ship Diaper Cake:

Rolled Diaper Snails Cake:

Full DIY guide here!

Train Diaper Cake Gift for a Mom-to-Be:

Tricycle Diaper Cake:

Here is how to make it!

Epic Airplane Diaper Cake:

Sweet Langar Top Baby Shower Diaper Cake:

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Fancy Castle Diaper Cake:

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Rubber Duckie Diaper Boat Cake:

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Praise-Worthy Tricycle Diaper Cake:

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Easy-to-Make Camo Diaper Cake:

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Excellent Sushi Diaper Cake:

Awesome Car Diaper Cake:

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Diaper Cake with Secret Gift Inside:

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Handmade Train Diaper Cake:

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Motorcycle Diaper Cake – Centerpiece for a Baby Shower

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Hungry Caterpillar Themed Diaper Cake:

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Chopper Diaper Cake Ridden By a Panda:

Full Tutorial Here

Curious George Diaper Cake:


Phenomenal Wishing Well Diaper Cake:

Order the instructions here

DIY Golf Club Diaper Cake:

Buy tutorial or instuctions here for 9$ only

Sophisticated Burlap Diaper Cake:

Hostess with the Mostess

Baby Shower Show-Stopper Sparkly Diaper Cake:

Eye-Catching Soccer Onesie Cake:

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DIY Book Themed Diaper Cake:

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Easy Rock Star Cloth Diaper Cake:

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Funky Sailboat Diaper Cake:

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Bee Themed Diaper Cake Centerpiece for Baby Shower:


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