Amazing Arm Knitting Projects Anyone Can Make

Arm knitting is all the rage right now, and whether you knit or not it is something that everyone can pick up and learn quickly! Make chunky, cozy scarves in no time with these easy techniques! Once you are comfortable trying moving on to something bigger, like a blanket!

We have found some of the easiest arm knitting projects and compiled them here for your inspiration. Give it a shot! Trust us, it is so easy — you will wonder why you never tried it before! Not to mention, these projects come together so quickly that they make great handmade gifts for the holiday!

30-Minute Scarf – A great place to start is with this step-by-step introduction to arm knitting with a 30-minute scarf tutorial. If you are new to arm knitting you’ll be hooked after you finish this project!

Striped Infinity Scarf – Learn how to arm knit stripes with this easy-to-follow infinity scarf tutorial and take this design into other projects to make fun patterns!

Market Bag – This market bag is easy to make in a jiffy and will get you plenty of compliments! They also make perfect gifts for all the bag lovers you know.

Triplet Shawl – This versatile shawl can be also be a scarf or a simple wrap for a bathing suit or over a skirt for a pop of color and texture!

45-Minute Blanket – Blankets are a huge hit when it comes to arm knitting because they are so quick and easy to make. This is an easy blanket to start with to learn how to handle that much yarn at one time.

Garter Stitch Blanket – For a different pattern and texturing, try this garter stitch blanket! The tutorial is easy to follow and you’ll have a great chunky blanket in just a few hours.

Giant Pillow – Pillow covers are another fun project for arm knitting. Once you learn a few different stitches, try incorporating them in your design like the one below!

Cable Knit Tutorial – Cable knitting is a common sight, but now you can learn how to achieve this look while knitting with your arms! Use this on a blanket for a stylish design.

1-Hour Chunky Blanket – This blanket uses several threads of yarn at once to create this thick, chunky throw. This is a great tutorial for those who want to learn to knit with several threads at once.

Arm Knit Fringe Wrap – Learn how to add fringe to your arm knitting projects with this simple, versatile wrap that works as a shawl, scarf, and as a vest!

Fringe Scarf – Use the pattern for the 30-minute scarf to make this attractive scarf with the added bonus of fringe! This tutorial is easy to follow and the product turns out fast making this a great holiday gift!

Grey Arm Knit Blanket – Try this wonderful pattern for an excellent throw blanket to cozy up in during the cold weather! You’ll be making these left and right once people try it out.

Garter Stitch Scarf – This easy scarf utilizes the garter stitch to add an extra touch of design to a simple scarf pattern. The thick knit of this scarf will add some fun, chunky texture to any outfit!

Arm Knit Shrug – Here is another great pattern for a versatile accessory! You can wear it as a cozy shrug, a vest, or bunch it up for a thick scarf.

Color Block Wrap – This is a fantastic tutorial to learn how to color block with! The directions are clearly written out and the technique can to translated into so many different projects. Try color blocking a blanket!

Seed Stitch – While this tutorial isn’t for a project, the technique that she shows in this handy video can be used in so many other projects that we felt we should include it.

I-Cord Stitch – Traditionally the I-cord is a great way to add a clean edge to a project, or to make a simple knitted rope, but when used in arm knitting it makes a wonderful accessory all on its own!

Basket Weave Blanket – We know, another blanket, but the pattern of this one made it hard to pass up! Once you know how to arm knit, this project will end up being a breeze!

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