Indoor Games & Activities FOr Kids

When the weather is miserable, it can be nice to to snuggle up and stay indoors…but soon enough, the kids are likely to get bored!

We have put together this fantastic collection of rainy day activities to keep your little ones amused and entertained. Crafts, games and things to get them up and moving about, this round-up has got it all!

There’s nothing that kids find more fun than bumping down the stairs on their bums…but this cardboard slide DIY will take it to another level. Fun, free and easy to make it’s guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment!

This indoor croquet game is perfect for getting the whole family up and moving. Using simple scrap materials from around your home, you’ll find that the course is easy to put together. The first person to get round all the holes first is the winner!

After making some colored pasta your kiddo’s will be itching to make something fun with it – and a hungry caterpillar necklace is exactly that! It’s a fantastic craft that allows your children to be artistic whilst practicing their patterning and fine motor skills.

Playdough is fun for kids of all ages and is a great go-to activity for a rainy day. If you’ve never tried making your own before then now is the time to give it a go.

Got a pack of cards? Then we’ve got an amazing 40 kids card games that you can sit and play as a family! 40 should be enough to see you through until the rain stops, right?

If you don’t want to pay an obscene amount of money for a play kitchen then why not make your own instead? Believe it or not this one, created by Amy over at, was upcycled from a TV entertainment unit and the results are seriously impressive!

If a toy kitchen doesn’t interest your little one’s perhaps you could entice them with a homemade tool bench. They can spend their day hammering, sawing and building…all pretend play obviously!

Part of the problem of being cooped up inside is that there’s not much space for your kids to run around and play but this simple balloon tennis will have them up and active in no time. Why not see how long you and your little one’s can play before the balloon drops?

Check out this brilliant sticky spiderweb game that you can make in no time! All you need is some newspaper and some tape and you’re ready to get started!

This tutorial will show you how to make an entire finger puppet theater for your children to play with. So settle down and enjoy the first act because the show is ready to begin!

Did you know that you can build an exploding chain reaction by weaving together popsicle sticks? Neither did we until we uncovered this amazing post from We can guarantee the kids will love it!

Transform your family photos into a work of art with some personalized coloring pages. When Paula made them she said that her son thought it was the greatest thing that he could color his grandparents, friends and best of all, himself!

Sometimes keeping your little ones entertained doesn’t need to be complicated and this super simple fishing game is as fun to make as it is to play with.

These diy walking stilts will only set you back a couple of dollars…it doesn’t get much cheaper than that!

A magnetic dress-up board is perfect for your little fashion designer in the making! Your kids will love experimenting with all the outfit choices and piecing together different looks. It’s easy to set up and you can make it as simple or as elaborate as you like…plus the magnetic quality to it means that you can take it in the car on long journeys to keep the back-seaters amused!

If your children already own a nerf gun then you’re already halfway there with this target game. The swinging plastic cups provide excellent target practice to shoot at and if you put different values on each one there’s sure to be some friendly competition!

If you can’t go outside, why not bring the hustle and bustle to your living room with this build a city project. You’re free to construct it whichever way you prefer but Amanda, over at, suggests making a grid on the carpet with some painters tape. This then means you have a set of squares which resemble blocks and roads and your kids can decide where they place all the elements of their city.

What do you get when you mix bubblewrap and hopscotch? Some happy children!

If you’ve got a large family then taking everyone to do simple activities like bowling can end up costing a fortune. This pop bottle bowling activity works in exactly the same way as if you were to visit an alley but it costs significantly less! In fact, if you’ve got a stack of plastic bottles that you were planning to upcycle then use them for this game and it will be absolutely free!

Teach your kids to juggle with a set of homemade juggling balls. Made with balloons, the rubbery surface offers perfect grip for beginners.

A homemade catapult is quick to make but will offer hours of fun for your little ones. They can fling lightweight things across the room at random or set up a target which they will have to try and hit.

Chances are your kids will have some lego laying around and if they do then you can help them to build this exciting race track, perfect for racing matchbox cars!

Getting children interested in wool crafts has never been easier than with some finger knitting! They won’t need any special skills or equipment…just their fingers!

Make your own take on the traditional ring toss game with this paper plate version. You can upcycle materials from around the house and create a fun-filled experience for the whole family.

This quick pom pom racing activity is ideal for when you’re stuck indoors. It’s good for building co-ordination skills as well as patience…this isn’t as easy as it looks!

A creative construction toy like these slotted building discs will allow your little one’s to use their imagination and make anything they can dream up!

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