Amazing Christmas Tree Decorations

Whether you stick to a festive color palette, you like to introduce rustic natural elements or you have more of a handmade family theme, this collection will have something for everyone!

Felt Gingerbread Men

These cookie-shaped creations are simple to make and they’re perfect for adding a hint of cuteness to your tree!

Peppermint Candy Ornaments

Sweets and candies are everywhere at Christmas time so why not put them to good use and make some beautiful ornaments?

Homemade Snowman Bulbs

Whether you just make one of these or string a few together in a garland, these little snowmen bulbs will light up your tree!

Scrabble Ornaments

This scrabble tile craft allows you to be creative and put your own personal touch to your tree! You can choose whichever words you want, perhaps even each of the names of your family!

Popcorn Bauble

Pop this on your tree and add a unique (not to mention yummy) looking twist!

Make Your Own Mistletoe

Mistletoe is no longer just for stealing a cheeky smooch, you can use it to add a little something extra to your tree too!

Glitter Twine Ball

Did you know there was such a thing as glitter mod podge? Neither did we but we’re so excited to test it out with this twine ball project!

Snowflake Ornaments

Ornate and delicate, you could be forgiven for thinking that these snowflake ornaments are tricky to make…but looks can be deceiving because anyone can give them a go, crafty or not!

Rudolph & Santa Painted Ornaments

Fun to make, fun to look at, these character ornaments simply brilliant!

Wood Slice Ornaments

Rustic decor has never looked so good! These wood slice can be adorned with any image you fancy, the more festive the better!

Homemade Photo Ornament

Family is the theme of the Holidays and with this nostalgic DIY you can make a feature of all your favorite memories and display them for everyone to see.

Tinsel Ornament

These could not be easier to make…all you need is a bit of tinsel!

DIY Mini Mittens

Upcycle your sweaters and turn them into these adorable little mittens. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro with the sewing machine just some basic needle and thread skills!

DIY Kids’ Ornaments

Tree trimming is a sure-fire way to bring the family together and these homemade ornaments will keep the little ones busy!

DIY Mosaic Bauble

Got one or two CD’s that you never listen to anymore? Rather than throwing them out or letting them collect dust, why not make these eye-catching baubles instead?

Retro Fabric Christmas Lights

These fabric bulbs may not actually light up but boy do they dazzle! They’ll look great on your tree and will add that beautiful homemade touch.

Gold Pinecone Ornaments

Gold is a popular color at Christmas and if it fits in with the color palette you’ve chosen this year then these stunning pinecone ornaments will be perfect. The best part is, they’re super simple to make!

Beaded Candy Canes

Here’s an easy craft you can do with children, all you need are three simple crafting materials.

Homemade Snowman Ornament

With just a few dollar store supplies, you too can create these cute little snowman!

How To Make Borax Crystal Snowflakes

Bring a little science to the festive season with this snowflake project. Next to the fairy lights on the tree they are guaranteed to shimmer and sparkle!

Button Tree Ornament

This amazing tutorial will show you how to put together a tree decoration out of nothing but old buttons!

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