Amazing Colorful Crafts Using Melted Crayons

This collection features the perfect crafts for color-loving, creative children!

It’s amazing what you can conjure up with a few melted crayons – everything from decorative garlands to stunning luminaries and original pieces of artwork. Some of them can be done in a spare ten minutes while some of them will keep your little ones entertained all weekend.

It may sound obvious but have you ever thought about making your own new crayons from old ones? If you raid the kids craft drawer you’ll probably find loads of old, short and broken bits of crayon which they don’t use anymore…but these are exactly the bits you need, just simply melt them down and let them set. You could even experiment with different colors, shapes, scents and even glitter!

These beautiful melted crayon luminaries will light up any occasion and the best part is, the kids can get involved with making them! Once finished, their brightly colored designs will bounce off the walls in a warming flicker. Simple but effective!

With the help of this step-by-step tutorial from, you too can create a stunning bit of rainbow crayon art. It’s easy to do and the kids will love using a hairdryer to melt the colors down the canvas, producing a piece that’s truly original!

A pencil isn’t as fun without a pencil topper and these homemade heart shaped ones are adorable! You will need a mold to make them (which you can find here at Amazon) but the rest is quick and simple. After ten minutes in the oven, they’re ready to add to your child’s stationary collection!

Any little girl would love this decorative heart garland for their room. The crayon stain produces a stained glass effect on the waxed paper and when all the individual hearts are strung together in a garland it looks great hung across a window.

This project is slightly different to all of the others because rather than melting the crayons, you need to heat a collection of rocks instead which you then hold the colored wax over in order to melt…and voila, a handmade paperweight with a personalized, artful design!

Here’s a really fun christmas ornament project you can do with your kids this year. The melted crayon baubles are easy to do and will make a gorgeous addition to your tree.

If we haven’t already proved how versatile crayons can be then check out this tutorial which shows you how you can use them to create color block candles. Unlike other DIY’s we’ve seen across the web which use swirling and tie dye effects, this one produces a clean, crisp candle that’s enough to rival any you see in stores.

Stephanie, over at, created these amazing butterfly suncatchers for a sensory activity that her kids could enjoy.

For those of you who may not know what pointillism is, it’s a painting technique in which small distinct dots of color are applied to a canvas in order to form an image. It’s a great style for kids because the artwork doesn’t have to be neat or concise and they can be free with their creations…all they’ll need are a few crayons that have been slightly melted at the end!

Who said pumpkins had to have a scary face carved into them? Conjure up a different look with this simple decorating idea.

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