Amazing DIY Advent Calenders

We thought we’d get you in the crafty Christmas spirit with this amazing collection of homemade advents from around the web. A couple of them feature the traditional candy treats but lots of them are completely original, not to mention adorable, ideas!

Don’t fancy another DIY? Here are some of the most fun ready made advent calendars available on Amazon right now.


Santa Christmas Countdown

There are no candies involved with this craft but the kids will love it all the same! All they have to do is add a piece of cotton wool to Santa’s beard each day and when it’s full they’ll know he will be arriving for Christmas the next day!

Homemade Bauble Advent

With a few dollar store baubles and some stick-on foam numbers you can create this beautifully original advent calendar. Store the ornaments in a a display case and add one to your tree each day – simple!

Christmas Present Calendar

What a treat…receiving a mini present each day in the run up to Christmas! This calendar is easy to put together and makes a lovely looking hanging garland too!

Countdown Envelopes

These 25 envelopes can be filled with any treats you like…coins, stickers, activity cards, whatever your loved ones would appreciate most!

Fireplace Countdown

Watch Santa descend the chimney throughout December with this creative project.

Christmas Advent Calendar Pillow

There are lots of advent ideas floating around the web but this pillow one has got to be the most original! We’ve certainly never seen anything like it before and we love it!

Felt Advent Banner

A decoration and an advent all rolled into one? You can’t go wrong with this handmade felt advent! There is a bit of sewing involved but it’s so easy anyone can give it a go.

DIY Advent Jar

Your advents don’t have to be extravagant and this DIY jar project is perfect for those on a budget. The kids will love choosing a popsicle stick each day and completing the activities written on them.

Chalkboard Tree Advent

Easy, inexpensive and quick to make…do we need to give you any other reasons why you should make this festive tree?

Reindeer Paper Cup Advent

These adorable little reindeer cups are hiding a sweet surprise because you can fill them with goodies!

Magnetic Calendar

Turn your fridge into a centerpiece with these magnetic countdown pots.

Advent Calendar Wreath

Rather than buy a wreath this year why not create one instead with a few dollar store supplies. It looks great and it involves chocolates too!

Stocking Advent

If you’re thinking that you’ve seen this advent somewhere before it’s because you probably have as this is a pottery barn knock-off…but it costs less than half the price!

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