Amazing DIY Garden Lighting Ideas

1 Fancy Basket Lamp


Fancy Basket Lamp: Turn wicker, ceramic and clay pots into outdoor lanterns. (via The Art of Doing Stuff)

2 Hanging Jar Lights


Hanging Jar Lights: Crafty Nest shares practical, inexpensive, and pretty DIY home decorating crafts and ideas. Many of the do-it-yourself projects include salvaged, green, or recycled materials. (via Crafty Nest)

3 Homemade Simple Garden Lights


Homemade Simple Garden Lights: photographer RACHEL WHITING by Cybele These gorgeous garden lights are by BBC Journalist Joanna Gosling for her latest book Homemade Simple. With a title like that, it was guaranteed (via Blah Blah Magazine)

4 Solar Lanterns


Solar Lanterns: Decorate your outdoor space this summer with DIY solar lanterns! They are easy to make and look so pretty when the colorful frost paint is illuminated. (via Everyday Dishes)

5 Lucky Tiki Torches


Lucky Tiki Torches: This project has been on my list for a while now and I’m so excited to finally make these tiki torches from Lucky Buddha beer bottles. They just look awesome! And they’re the perfect backyard lighting and decoration for summertime. Adventures in Making)

6 Tin Can Lanterns


Tin Can Lanterns (via Craft Foxes)

7 Firefly Mason Jar Lights


Firefly Mason Jar Lights: I am on a bit of a firefly kick this summer. I have already shared my Glow-in-the-Dark Firefly Key Chains with you. This project centers around the same idea the joy of catching fireflies in a jar. This DIY requires only three supplies and will take you all of 15 minutes to put together. (via Mad in Crafts)

8 Glowing Outdoor Orbs


Glowing Outdoor Orbs: Make contemporary backyard lights with stuff from around your house. (via The Art of Doing Stuff)

9 Citronella Candles


Citronella Candles: If your favourite thing in the summer is warm nights outside then likely one of your least favourite is getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Making citronella candles in cans is a great recycling project that is inexpensive and effective much like theSoy Beeswax Jar CandlesI made a few months back. I make lots of candles to create a bug-free barrier … (via Garden Therapy)

10 Rustic Outdoor Chandelier


Rustic Outdoor Chandelier: Illuminate your backyard porch or patio with this DIY rustic outdoor chandelier, made of natural elements and lit by citronella candles. (via Crafts Unleashed)

11 Love Party Lanterns


Love Party Lanterns: Marilyn from Pink Martinis and Pearls shares her summer party and mason jar lanterns DIY inspired by our Lemonade Love … (via tinyprints)

12 Gift Bag Lights


Gift Bag Lights (via A Nest for All Seasons)

13 Tiki Torch Bottles


Tiki Torch Bottles: In honor of all the Labor Day BBQs that are going down this weekend, weve created DIY tiki torches out of classic American liquor bottles. I originally spotted this idea at my friend Todds fiesta party and being the party enthusiast I am, it was a tell me how you did that right now or…readmore (via Sugar and Charm)

14 Polka Dot Paper Lanterns


Polka Dot Paper Lanterns (via Just Crafty Enough)

15 Cupcake Lights Are Sweet


Cupcake Lights Are Sweet: I found great looking cupcake tin liners at IKEA – they reminded me of small pleated lampshades. Within minutes, I created a softer look on a strand of bulbs hanging in my garden… (via Family Chic)

16 Inspired Dreamlight


Inspired Dreamlight: Follow this tutorial to create your own knock-off Dreamlight as seen at Urban Outfitters. (via bre pea)

17 Plastic Bottle Party Light


Plastic Bottle Party Light: Plastic trash is a serious problem. It is a fact. Every year more plastic bottles are manufactured than recycled, and it takes 5 to 6 decades for most (via {easy}Paper Crafts)

18 Colorful Garden DIY Lanterns


Colorful Garden DIY Lanterns: Making your own colorful garden DIY lanterns has never been easier: just use mason jars and candles, plus a special something for color. (via Hello Natural)

19 Hanging Mason Jar Lights


Hanging Mason Jar Lights (via 17 Apart)

20 Mason Jar Solar Light


Mason Jar Solar Light: A simple tutorial for creating DIY solar lights with vintage mason jars. (via Finding Home)

21 Shuttlecock Lights Garland


Shuttlecock Lights Garland: Make a DIY lights garland with the aid of badminton shuttlecocks. Easy and super cute! (via Kittenhood)

22 Grapevine Balls Patio Lights


Grapevine Balls Patio Lights (via Crafty Butt)

23 Starry Lights


Starry Lights: Make these string lights into festive starry lights with easy foil paper and star punch tutorial. (via lia griffith)

24 Twine Balls Light


Twine Balls Light: I joined a Pinterest a little more than a month ago and have been slowly falling in love with it ever since. Does anyone else use the site? Seriously, its crazy nifty and can easily fill hours and hours of your time with great ideas and tons o eye candy. Ive started a few boards,…Read More (via Splash of Something)

25 Decoupaged Mason Jar Lights


Decoupaged Mason Jar Lights: Bubby and Bean is a design and lifestyle blog that focuses on living creatively through art, design, fashion, DIY projects and tutorials, travel, music life, love, and learning. (via Bubby & Bean)

26 Ice Lanterns


Ice Lanterns (via Willow Day)

27 Wine Glass Candle Lampshades


Wine Glass Candle Lampshades: In your blog travels, you may have come across the Dekoop Gorgeous Helen Wine Shades which tops off your wine glasses to make easy votive lamps for your parties. I couldn’t get them off my mind for months when I first saw them; I thought they were so (via Popsugar)

28 Autumn Leaf Lighting


Autumn Leaf Lighting: There is nothing more lovely than a beautiful Autumn day! It is the perfect time of year to spend outside with family and friends.Recently, I gave my summer lighting a fall makeover using silk leaves. I couldnt be more thrilled with the final look! The vibrant hues make my patio come alive! I Read More… (via Oh My! Creative)

29 Washi Tape Lantern


Washi Tape Lantern: Combine washi tape and a glass jar and youve got yourself a beautiful lantern! I was gonna publish this a couple of days ago, but Ive been a bit busy running my first 50 miles ultramarathon up in the mountains of Telemark. I gotta tell you, is was tough! Stubborn as I am, I made Continue reading Washi Tape Lantern (via Morning Creativity)

30 Canning Jar Lights


Canning Jar Lights (via Apples of My eye)

31 Wine Bottle Torch


Wine Bottle Torch: Your home for all things Design. Home Tours, DIY Project, City Guides, Shopping Guides, Before & Afters and much more (via Design Sponge)

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