Cool Denim Jeans Projects

1 Denim Rug


Denim Rug: How to sew a recycled denim rug using lots of small rectangles of thinner denim plus a pieced backing of thicker denim. (via All Free Crafts)

2 Denim Door Hanger Organizer


Denim Door Hanger Organizer: Today I created this door hanger organizer – a place for my phone, keys, sunglasses, etc. made from my daughter’s old jeans. It was so much fun and actually pretty easy! Shabby chic isn’t my thing … (via Simply Simple Stamping)

3 Denim Money Holder


Denim Money Holder (via Recycled Craft)

4 Denim Sunburst Textile Art


Denim Sunburst Textile Art (via Belrossa)

5 Jeans Camera Bag


Jeans Camera Bag (via Evil Mad Scientist)

6 Denim Bibs


Denim Bibs: Okay, so I’m in love with bibs made of denim now. It started with Linda Permann’s tutorial on using your old jeans. I used her idea with a pair of maternity (via Thimbly Things)

7 Pant Leg Bag


Pant Leg Bag (via Then She Made)

8 Levi Apron


Levi Apron: I know that there are alot of aprons out there. A LOT. all different sizes and colors. Some with ruffles and some without. But this is the apron I use and I love love love it. ive made a few. dozen I learned how to make this levi apron from my sewing teacher at Ricks […] (via A Girl and A Glue Gun)

9 Jeans Slippers


Jeans Slippers: If your favourite jeans have seen better days, turn them into some stylish slippers. The doyenne of denim, Nancy Minsky, shows you how (via The Guardian)

10 Denim Tool Roll


Denim Tool Roll (via Until Wednesday Calls)

11 Blue Jean Notebook


Blue Jean Notebook: An eco-friendly craft can be a fun way for kids to express their creativity and de-stress after a long week at school. What better way than to decorate their (via Planet Forward)

12 Denim Pillows


Denim Pillows: Do you wonder what to do with those old denim jeans?Not really in good enough shape to donate, or make into shorts, but well worn and soft, you just wonder what can you do with them? There are all kinds of denim crafts you can make. This way you can… (via Infobarrel)

13 Denim Bean Bags


Denim Bean Bags: Learn how to make a fun bean bag toss game out of old jean pockets and terra cotta saucers. (via Chica and Jo)

14 Denim Farfalle Bag


Denim Farfalle Bag: anthro inspired denim farfalle bag i’m very excited to share my latest handbag creation, a project i recently guest-posted on someday crafts. a few months ago i (via Craft)

15 Chic Denim Bag


Chic Denim Bag (via Roca & Company)

16 Denim Tote Bag


Denim Tote Bag (via Love to Sew Studio)

17 Shoulder Tote Bag and Water Bottle Holder


Shoulder Tote Bag and Water Bottle Holder (via AOK Corral)

18 Studio Box


Studio Box (via Jane LaFazio)

19 Oven Mitt


Oven Mitt (via My Recycled Bags)

20 Denim Christmas Stocking


Denim Christmas Stocking (via Nebraska Views)

21 Denim Pocket Organizer


Denim Pocket Organizer (via Sisters of the Wild West)

22 Back Pocket Organizer


Back Pocket Organizer: Blog about Crafts, Sewing, Recipes, Tutorials, Giveaways, Homemaking, Parenting, and Tips. (via What I Live For)

23 Denim Coaster


Denim Coaster (via My Recycled Bags)

24 Upcycled Denim Placemat


Upcycled Denim Placemat (via Today’s Nest)

25 Denim Quilt


Denim Quilt: It’s July, the month of patriotism and picnics! And what better way to welcome it than with an American Flag Denim Quilt? If you’ve ever visited the Madewell store in Georgetown, you might have not… (via One Little Minute)

26 Gadget Protector


Gadget Protector: Recycle cast off denim into a convenient caddy with three separate pockets to protect delicate expensive gadgets from your keys, pens, half eaten gran… (via Instructables)

27 Simple Denim Short


Simple Denim Short: View Photo 1- How To DIY 3 Extra-Cute Pairs Of Cut-Off Shorts (via Refinary 29)

28 Denim Wine Bags


Denim Wine Bags (via Cathie Filian)

29 Denim Pouf


Denim Pouf (via Michele Made Me)

30 Jean Corsage


Jean Corsage (via Tea Rose Home)

31 Denim Scripture Case


Denim Scripture Case: scripture case tutorial, how to make a case for scriptures, (via Polkadot Chair)

32 Denim Do-it-All Bins


Denim Do-it-All Bins: Repurposing with denim is a natural. Who doesn’t have an extra pair of jeans lying around that are outgrown, out of fashion or worn out in some way? Put that denim to good use by making up a few De… (via Make)

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