Amazing DIY Laptop Cases

I have discovered the joy of heading to a local bakery, getting hot chocolate and working for a couple of hours while all of my kids are in school. It’s fantastic! When I take my laptop, it’s handy to have a sleeve to slide it in to protect it when I am on the go. This DIY laptop sleeve can be made in about 10 minutes. And it costs less than $5 to make!

1. Floral zip case

The Late Afternoon

2. Chevron envelope case


3. Quilted geometry case


4. Navaho print clutch

Tiny Blue Apartment.

5. Plaid zippered

Design Sponge

6. No-sew “stitched” pleather

A Cup of Sparkle

7. Woodgrain with a sash

Katie Cupcake

8. Fabric scraps with a button

Ars Technica

9. Unfolding laptop cozy

Design Sponge

10. Suede and a leather strap


11. Vintage towel case

The Vintage Chica.

12. Quilted case

Introvert’s Introduction

13. Pin up girls and a belt buckle

Kirsten Jane

14. Wool sport coat case

That’s My Letter

15. Tied leather wrap

Camille Styles.

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