Amazing DIY Leopard Print Decor

1. Leopard ribbon storage cans


One of the easiest ways in the world to make extra small storage in your home, particularly in your kitchen or bathroom, is to decorate some cleaned out tin cans. Using ribbons is a neat, easy way to fancy the cans up! Obviously we’re partial the the part of this design where Parties Galore wrapped leopard print ribbon around the top.

2. Leopard print party ribbons


Are you throwing an event in honour of someone who adores leopard print just as much as you do? Check out these little banner ribbons that use leopard print crafting or scrapbooking paper folded like an accordion! These are perfect for spelling out a birthday message on a strung banner or giving each person their own stylish name tag. DIY Inspired

3. Leopard and glitter wine glass


As if adding gold glitter to the base and stem of a wine glass wasn’t an awesome enough idea in itself, Abby Avery suggests using black and brown paint to hand detail some spots on the outside as well! Layering the two takes the concept of leopard print to a whole new sparkly level.

4. Leopard mugs


Okay, okay, we know. Mugs don’t technically count as decor. If you’re going to live an awesome,leopard print filled life, though, then we think it should be incorporated into every part of your day, and your morning coffee is no exception! Check out how these ones were made on I Love to Craft.

5. Leopard print Christmas balls


Just think- while everyone hangs traditionally coloured Christmas balls on the branches of their Christmas trees, you could be hanging super eye-catching, extra sparkly leopard print decorations instead! Which option sounds like more fun to you? We thought so. Get all the info you need to make your own from Gina Michele.

6. Leopard mirror frame


What’s better than a good hall mirror where you can check your lipstick one last time before you leave for the day? One framed in bold leopard print, of course. Blitsy Crafts shows you how to add this awesome frame to give your space some extra personality.

7. Leopard print tabletop


If you’re really into leopard print, why not go all out and put it right on the furniture? We absolutely love the idea of a bold leopard print pattern across the whole surface of a side table, giving the room an awesome accent piece without taking over the whole space. Check out how Rain On a Tin Roof customized this one.

8. DIY leopard print wall painting


You know, painting leopard spots right onto your walls is a rather permanent choice and it might not be for everyone, but we’d definitely do it. In fact, we’re tempted to leave the rest of this post until later so we can transform the bedroom into a leopard print haven right now. In the meantime, check out this guide to painting leopard spots from Emily McCarthy.

9. Leopard sphere decor


Do you want to incorporate leopard print but preferably in a subtle way (or, at least, as subtle a way as leopard print can possibly be)? These little decorative spheres are a great option for you then! Find a nice plate they can sit on so they don’t roll around and fall off the edge of the table. Paper, Plate, and Plane shows you how these ones were painted.

10. Leopard painted wine bottle vases


Wine bottle painting is always fun, even if you’re just painting things a solid colour, so imagine what a blast you’ll have creating wine bottle vases that are covered in leopard spots! This is a good way to practice your hand painting technique before you get even wilder and start painting spots on your walls. Check this design out on Dorm to Die For.

11. Leopard covered ottoman


Does your new leopard print side table form earlier on the list fit in so well with your decor scheme that you’ve decided it’s time to up the ante when it comes to statement pieces? Then we present to you this leopard draped ottoman! It’s a bold choice, but we can’t stop staring at it (in a good way). Find out how it’s made on DIY 4.

12. Leopard gold leaf table tray


Maybe you need just a hint of leopard spots and you’re looking for a piece that’s a little more conceptual rather than no kidding, out there pattern? Check out how Curbly built a subtle suggestion of leopard on this serving tray using a gold paint marker. As if we didn’t love the pattern enough, now we get it metallic too!

13. Lucite leopard display tray


Do you like the tray idea, but you’d like one that’s more decorative and explicitly leopard than the design above? Amy Krist suggests grabbing a bigger lucite tray and using your decoupage skills to create a leopard bottom from printed craft paper, material or wallpaper! Pair it with some gold decor accessories and it’ll look perfect.

14. DIY leopard throw pillows


Are you a sewing enthusiast who feels totally ready to handle simple projects, like square pillows? If so, you’re equipped enough with skill to make yourself an awesome leopard print throw pillow! As long as you can handle straight seams, we’re sure your pillow will look just as trendy and cool as this one by All Things Big and Small.

15. DIY leopard desk pad


Do you love the idea of a desk pad for your work station, but you’d like something a little more exciting than the regular clear plastic design? Mama of 3 Munchkins has you covered with an awesome leopard print alternative! Visitors to your office or home office will will immediately get a sense for your fun-loving personality, no matter how serious and professional you are at your job.

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