Amazing DIY Photo Projects Ever

From cool ways to display your Instagram photos to pretty decor projects and DIY photo frames, we have the perfect ideas for all your pictures. Scroll down and enjoy these awesome DIY photo projects and picture frame ideas!

1. DIY Photo Invitation


Oh we L-O-V-E this photo project! This makes a perfect friendship gift for all occasions! Click the link above for the step-by-step how-to!

2. DIY Photo Collage Letters


This photo collage letters is perfect for branding your room with the touch of your character! Also a good way to share memories with friends and family members!

3. DIY Photo Puzzle


This photo puzzle isn’t just a magnificent room or space decor but this makes a perfect gift too! The link above will walk you through the whole process.

4. DIY Heart Photo Display


This project is one of the easiest projects we have on the list. This is a perfect display on a space where you need a lovely wall decor.

5. DIY Glowing Photo Luminaries


How A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E is this? We love it and we are sure that you will too! Show off your creativity with these glowing photo luminaries and we bet people that’ll see them can’t take their eyes off them! Instruction through the link above.

6. DIY Thankful Photo Board


Put this project on your room door and you’ll have the most adorable room door tag in the whole house!

7. DIY Photo Vase


Now this one is a perfect gift for Mom. She can put this centerpiece anywhere she wants but we bet it’s perfect centerpiece outdoors or anywhere where there is a good lighting. We’re pretty sure your Mom will love these!

8. DIY Photo Display with Air Dry Clay


Whoa!!! This one is B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L we can’t get enough with it! So if you are one who loves rustic designs, check this project out!

9. DIY Photo Hanging Wall


Contrary to the rustic theme we showed you above, this project here has the look and feel of the modern world. If this is your kind of style, then click the link above for a walk through!

10. DIY Tape Picture Frame


No, tape picture frame doesn’t necessarily have to be messy. In fact you can pull off a neat, fun and colorful style from it! Check this project out from the link above!

11. DIY Instagram Coasters


Oh you are going to love this!!! Instagram coasters you made yourself and images you personally chose! This will surely be the topic of your friends for a while when they see you use these at home or at your dorm!

12. DIY Neon Triangle Photo Frames


Pull-off some creativity and imagination with these neon triangle photo frames! These will surely spice up any corner in your room!

13. DIY Photo Quilt


And this one is a sentimental one. Something you can give to someone you dearly dearly love or something to keep for yourself to be reminded of the people you love the most! This DIY photo quilt is definitely something!!

14. DIY Photo Wax Candle


Oh it is heart-melting enough to watch candles melt, how much more a candle that has your or your friends’ or loved ones on it?! Have you heard about this before? Because us, this is our first time!

15. DIY Mini Instagram Album


Instagram seems to be a necessity for living nowadays. And if you love Instagram that much, you will surely fall for this mini Instagram project!

16. DIY Wooden Triangle Wall Decorations With Photos


This is another version of the triangle photo project only that this is totally in contrast with the previous one’s colors. This triangle photo project will make you remember the ocean breeze in a full moon. So if you are the sensational type, click the link above!

17. DIY Wall Art


Another wall art that shows a lot of color and life! Rejuvenate your wall with these art work! Click the link above for the step-by-step how-to!

18. DIY Unique Tile Picture


What can be more uniquer than your photo being made a tile picture? Oh yes! very unique! This is in no doubt genius!

19. DIY Polarois Photo Coasters


You do not have a Polaroid but you are dying to have a photo like that. Well why not? But this isn’t just a photo – it is another version of the coasters we already showed you earlier! Irresistible!

20. DIY Photo Transfers With Blender Pens


Transfer your photos to a more secure, memorable place with this photo transfer using blender pens tutorial! Transfers to wood, ceramics, tins and papers too!

21. DIY Canvas Portrait


Everybody loves canvas. There is just something about it that makes photos more precious than they already are, and this tutorial is a genius way of putting your photos into canvas!

22. DIY Pallet Photo Frames


A rustic frame to a photograph is another special thing that compliments a photo in so many beautiful levels. Simple yet captivating. Watch how this tutorial made this art possible!

23. DIY Photo Holders


Let’s set aside frames for a minute there and let’s be minimalist. How can we exhibit a photo without having to take a huge stone or wood or canvas? Simple! Little photo holders! Check out how they are done through the link above.

24. DIY Frame Luminaries


Another luminaries collection is this 4 sided frame luminaries that’s perfect for multiple photos in one place. All the materials are found in a dollar store and very much customizable. Check the link above for a walk through!

25. DIY Wood Slice Photo


Awww.. this is just sweet! I can imagine having a collection of this to put in array, or to give as anniversary gift, or to weddings you’ll attend! This is a true keepsake piece right here!

26. DIY Wall Art


Now this is the teen spirit!!! This collage and natural hanging Polaroid photos are a bomb! They are not only super easy to pull off but they are also really nice to look at!

27. DIY Personalized Photo


A collage of photos on a letter, on a pot, on a box — where else could you not put your precious photos? We seemed to teach you to put it on tiles too right? But kidding aside, this personalized photo projects are a touch that melts everyone’s heart.

28. DIY Frame For Polaroids


A breezy looking collection of photos in one frame! How cool is that? And the materials are so cheap too! I bet you already have this in your storage. What are you waiting for? Go ahead make your own version!

29. DIY Wall Clock from Photos


Ahh! This is just too much to take in! Exquisite-Lovely-B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! I have a huge crush on this style! What an excellent way to decorate a room wall!

30. DIY Instagram Wall


And just when you think we are over with Instagram wall ideas – here we are saving the best for last. An Instagram wall that will surely have you in awe you’ll probably end up staring at it for hours! The link above will show you how this is done!

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