Amazing DIY Projects Using Pennies

1. Bowl made from pennies:

2. Cute coin barrettes:

3. Penny art featuring Lincoln:

4. Lucky penny keychain:

5. Crafty penny backsplash:

6. Funky penny bracelet:

7. Penny coasters:

8. Penny covered bird house:

9. Creative photo frame:

10. Necklace with penny decals:

11. Nifty penny covered desk:

12. Massive penny dining room wall:

13. Awesome dress made from pennies:

14. Penny “one cent” earrings:

15. Entire floor covered with pennies:

16. Amazing horse trophy made from pennies:

17. Fashionable penny necklace:

18. Penny ring:

19. Penny gradient wall art:

20. Penny covered tray:

21. White penny vase:

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