Amazing DIY Teacher Gift Craft Ideas

What do if you need a whole lot of gifts for teachers and school personnel that are quick, easy and cheap? Bookmarks will save the day as always! This is a super easy download for your teacher or local librarian. Bookmarks are so quaint and old world collectible, they look great on bulletin boards even if you don’t read much.

Kitchen Mitt Teacher Gift:

Image: eighteen25

DIY Apple Jar Tutorial:

Image: the36thavenue

Helping Me Grow Gift:

Image: shanty-2-chic

Ombre Crayon Letter:

Image: craftcuts

Slippers Gift Idea:

Image: prettyprovidence

Rose Petal Frame:


 Teacher Gift with Free Printable – DIY Coffee Mugs

Image: justagirlandherblog

 Diaper Babies For Next Baby Shower:

Image: catchmyparty

DIY Painted Mug:

Image: gluedtomycraftsblog

Baby Diaper: DIY

Image: catchmyparty

Apple Candles: DIY

Image: youtube

Movie Gift Card Printable:

Image: tatertotsandjello

Tutu Nail Polish:

Image: hubpages

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