Amazing and Fun Easter Craft Ideas for Kids

No bunny loves Easter more than us. To celebrate, we came up with trendy and simple crafts that your little chicks will love! From bunny crafts or Easter baskets to chick crafts or Easter eggs, these crafts are fun to do with your kids and will make your home look stylish and festive.


Easter bunny from small paper plates. Make a paper plate Easter bunny with two small paper plates, cotton balls, and wiggly eyes. source


Mini Wooden Easter Baskets. Use a paper cup and mini craft sticks to create a DIY Easter basket. It’s a cute craft which allows you display wonderful Easter eggs. source


Paper Plate Easter Chick. This paper plate chick is a simple but effective Easter craft. source


Easter Garden Craft. It would be cool to make an Easter garden with the kiddos and talk about the real meaning of Easter. source


Envelope Bunnies. Use envelopes and paper to create envelope bunnies. Fill it with some delicious treats and candies. It’s a great way to say happy Easter. source


Toilet Paper Roll Easter Bunnies. Repurpose empty toilet paper rolls as funny bunnies, instead of just throwing them away. source


Easy Yarn Easter Egg. It is a creative Easter craft made with Mod Podge, balloon and yarn. What a cute Easter garland this would make. source


Marshmallow Easter Bunny Craft. Incorporate some math into the craft. Use marshmallows to boost fine motor development and counting for kids. source


Stained Glass Easter Cross Craft. Use construction paper, colorful tissue paper, file folders and sticky contact paper to create an Easter cross for kids. Teach them the true meaning of Easter. source


Easter Egg Tree. Stick colorful egg ornaments at a Dollar Tree. It’s a fun craft to do with the kids and one that you can use every year. source


Wooden Bunnies. These wooden bunnies with long floppy ears and buck teeth are so cute. It’s a great craft project you can do with your kids. source


Easter egg Suncatcher. It’s an easy Easter craft that the children can make using sticky contact, bits of scrap paper, pieces of foil, shapes and sequins. source


Pom Pom Easter Chicks. These cute pom pom Easter chicks are perfectly spring, festive and easy. They make great little favors for an Easter party, dinner or Easter baskets. source


Easter Bunny Bracelet Made from Clothespins. Paint the wood clothespins and use glittery clear stretchy cord to weave and connect the clothespin bunnies together. It’s an easy craft idea to do with your kids. source


Button Easter Egg Ornament Craft. Buttons + Styrofoam egg + Headpins + Ribbon = Beautiful Easter Egg Ornament. You can hang it from a window or drawer knob for decoration or give it as a gift. Perfect for a rainy afternoon craft. source


Colorful Easter Candle Holders. Use plastic eggs, wood candlesticks and dowel rods to create some adorable egg Candlesticks. Bunch together on your Easter Tablescape with some pretty candles and decorate your house on a budget. source


Bunny Softies Made from Socks. Can you imagine these cute bunny crafts are made from socks? It’s easy to make and don’t require a lot of sewing. source


Eggshell Tealight Candle Centerpiece. When you are cooking breakfast, carefully remove the egg yolk, egg white and save your eggshells for this fun craft. These colorful eggshells and tea-light candles make for a cute Easter centerpiece. source


DIY Salt Dough Eggs. It’s a perfect craft for kids to make for Easter. Hang it on your Easter tree and bring some spring color to your house. source


Interactive Easter Card. Why not send greetings this Easter? Use Urban Lily Secret Keeper Cards, pattern paper and other craft materials to create a cute Easter egg card. When the card slides open the hidden message shows and give your friends a supprise. source


Easter Bunny Wreath. Celebrate the spring season and Easter with the homemade Easter Bunny Wreath. The green leaves, little flowers, ribbon accessories and cute bunny shape are sure to please everyone. source


Egg Shaped Easter Basket Made from String. Create this fun and colorful Easter baskets with your kids to hold their gifts and collect their treasures during Easter egg hunts. source


Chicks Fingerprint Art. Kids would have a bast making crafts and celebrating with their fingers. Use them on cards. You can also do these on a plate or mug as an Easter basket gift. source


Easter Mason Jars Craft. Spray paint your jars and add sweet little faces on them. These crafts are easy to make and they would be perfect as vases or candy jars. source


Pine Cone Easter Bunnies. Pine cones have an amazing texture, are free, and can be adapted for Easter crafts. It would be a cute idea to incorporate it into an kids’ imaginative play or hang it on the Easter Egg Tree. source

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