Unique DIY Holiday Gift Projects For Your Kids

Whether it’s Christmas lights with washi tape or some personalized valentines candles, giving such a creative handmade gift and finding a fun way to spend time together is something that both you and your parents will enjoy.


Christmas lights with washi tape.There is nothing like candle lights which make the Chrismas cozy and romantic. Your parents will love these lights certainly.source


Mother’s Day DIY vase from a PVC pipe. These photo bud vases are made from PVC pipe and make a gorgeous centerpiece. It can be a appropriate gift for Mother’s Day with changeable photos.source


Handprint Turkey Painting. This will be an especially wonderful Thanksgiving for you, because you have this meaningful painting for your parents.source


Easter craft with a poem. For parents who like literature, this craft with a poem is a amazing gift for them.source


Personalized Valentines Candles. These DIY candles are super easy and fun to make and make a cool gift. It looks amazing as it burns, and leave the room filled with a cozy and romantic air. source


Salt Dough Handprint Ornaments. Make these colourful handprint ornaments with salt dough. They are not only cool gifts for parents. Kids will also have a lot of fun though playing in dough and flour.source


Glittered handprint ornament. Giving parents glittered handprint ornaments is a good idea, for every family needs shinning lights in Christmas.source


Knitted coasters. Turn extra fibers into colorful coasters, which would make a great gift for anyone on your list. It’s a great way to use up extra yarn while preventing coffee from making a mess on table.source


Family tree. It’s an twist on a traditional family tree and makes a great Thanksgiving gift. After you have writed your parents’name on the heart-shaped rock, write your siblings’ and your own name on small rocks.source


Dear Mom Mug. If you have a long time not to say thank you for your mom, it’s a good chance to make your mom laugh on Mother’s Day.source


Deck of cards album for Thanksgiving. Change the wording of the title page like 52 Reasons I’m Thankful For You and say thank you to your parents. It’s super cute and very simple to put together.source


Ice Candles. What can you do with some wax, taper candles, milk cartons, a melting pot and some ice? A perfect idea is to create some ice candles for parents as Christmas gifts.source


Mother’s Day in a jar. The jar filled with love is universally loved and will brighten her day.source


Free printable Easter egg gift box. Let parents and kids create this Easter craft together and have a fun. It’s a perfect holder for chocolate goodies, a hard boiled egg or a generous handful of Starburst Jelly Beans.source


Hand made picture frame. Father’s Day falls in line with start of summer. Give your father a picture frame with some touching words on Father’s Day. What Daddy would not just melt over this frame.source


Duck Tape Flower Pots with Bow. What a great way to dress up the standard pot plants. This would make for a great DIY Mother’s Day gift idea.source


Handprint flamingo. This kid canvas craft is easy to make, but it’s meaningful for parents as a Valentine’s Day gift. It’s a great keepsake for years to come.source


Mini Easter terrarium. It’s So cute with the chicks and colour stripes. The mini terrarium is a perfect gift for the active mom and it would be a cool holiday gift especially for Easter. source


Icy treat cell phone holders. How many times the parents are in a hurry to get out the door that your phone and keys seem to go missing? These cute popsicles and ice cream sandwiches will help your parents stay organized.source


Hand card with a built-in heart. How to show your love for your mom and dad? Give them a hand card with a built-in heart, they will know everything.source


No Cook Cinnamon Ornaments. Make this amazing cinnamon ornaments for your Christmas tree and
fill your home with the best scent of the season. Parents will be surprised by this awesome gift.source


A mug with special message. Create this ceramic keepsake mug the Chid’s prints. It would be your father’s favorite for years to come.source

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