Amazing Garden Party Ideas

You don’t have to spend a fortune or hours and hours preparing, with this list of the best the internet has to offer we’ve found everything you need to throw the best party possible, with everything from drinks to games it’s all here in one place.

Food & Drink

Beverage Station – Don’t stress about running after everyone at your gathering, give them a beverage station and they can help themselves while you enjoy yourself too.

Watermelon Keg – Create a keg that nobody will ever forget, it’s fun, easy and delicious so you’ve got everything covered.

Potato Salad – No party is complete without a big batch of easy to make potato salad which almost everyone can eat and it’s so easy to make it’ll give you more time to get ready.

Pizza Dip – This cheese and tomato dip will be a hit with everyone just provide little toasts so everyone can help themselves to this quick and easy to make no fuss sauce.

Easy French Macaroons – Provide your guests with these tasty little treats and you’ll definitely be the most popular host ever.

Iced Tea – No garden party is complete without some refreshing iced tea out for the guests. This super easy tutorial will show you how you can make a quick and easy batch to keep you cool all day.

Edible Cup & Saucer – Every garden party should have cups and saucers…but surprise your guests with this scrumptious option they can chow down on once they’ve finished their drink

Cheesecake Popsicle – These delicious cheesecake creations are packed full of fruits making a tasty, sweet and chilled finish to fantastically delicious food.


Gold Foil Tumblers – Add a touch of class to any party with this sophisticated yet simple DIY which is perfect for serving your drinks in.

Chalkboard Table runner – This is a fun way to label everything you are serving so that everyone can know what they are eating…perhaps you have someone with allergies or even fussy eaters that need to know what’s in the food this is the easy solution.

Easy DIY Vases – Perhaps you want flowers on each of the tables or want an elegant yet frugal decoration for the party plus these simple vases are a great way to upcycle mason jars.

Simple Redneck Glasses – Give your party more of a rustic feel and make your own fun redneck glasses which are sure to be a hit with everyone.

Confetti Table Cloth – Worried your table will get ruined? then this fantastic frugal DIY will make sure it is protected in style and give your party that extra color to finish it off.

Cutlery Pouches – With these you can provide each of your guests with their own set of cutlery and a napkin which is all handily wrapped up and waiting for them whenever they need it.

Place-mats – These Crafty mats will help make sure your table doesn’t get marked and are a fun keepsake fr once the parties over…or you could use them all summer and have loads of gatherings.

General Decorations

Candle Lanterns – Use candles to create a gentle evening glow and create a more intimate atmosphere, not only is it cheap but it is also a beautiful way to keep the party going.

Giant Lollipop Decorations – If you want to create a charlie in the chocolate factory atmosphere or your just want a simple but original decoration check out these fun DIY giant sweets.

Easy No Sew Bunting – You don’t have to be able to sew with this ridiculously easy craft which you can use to decorate your garden party without going over the top.

Vintage Light Up Sign – With full step by step photography you can create this beautiful sign saying anything you want… perhaps have it directing your guests from the porch round to the yard!

Paper Cup Lantern – This fun garland of lights will look fantastic indoors or out and can keep the party alight well into the night.

DIY Drinks Holders – You’ve provided the drinks, you’ve provided the food but do you have enough places fr your guests drinks to rest without them all stood round the same table…with this craft you can happily answer yes.

15 Minute Center Pieces – With everything else you have to do this quick and easy DIY will save you time and effort and yet still look stunning.

Tiki Torches – With just a few items you can transform an empty glass bottle into a fun tiki torch which will stay lit for hours.


DIY Photo Booth – You don’t have to spend a fortune hiring an expensive photo booth, with this fantastic tutorial you can make your own booth of memories on the cheap and everyone will love taking silly photos.

DIY Photo Booth Props – Every good photo booth needs a plethora of fun props to make your party more enjoyable. With this tutorial you can make them all at home in a flash.

Messy Twister – Just like it sounds get ready to get messy and have an absolute blast with everyone…you may want to give your guests prior warning though!

Ball Drop Game – This family friendly game will keep everybody entertained for hours and is super easy to make from scratch.

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