Simple And Fun Family Friendly Experiments

With these super simple experiments you can show your children how everything from static electricity to chemical reaction occur with these easy to follow tutorials. You’ll have just as much fun as they will and who knows…you may learn something too.

Check out all 21 experiments bellow…

A CD Hovercraft – Make a CD skim across any surface with just a few items you’ll already have and see how by creating a cushion of air beneath it you can make something glide across surfaces.

Film Canister Rocket – Your little astronauts will love creating their own rocket and seeing it lift off into the sky, this super easy experiment only takes a few seconds to prepare.

Fantastic Foamy Fountain – This fun experiment will see how household items react and create a flowing fountain. Your kids will love watching the overflow created by the reaction and you can teach them about a few different sciencey things!

Magic Ketchup Experiment – Cause a ketchup packet to rise and fall at your command and impress your kids with this fantastic experiment which borders on magic.

Rock Candy – Disguise a science experiment as a sugary treat and the little ones will be none the wiser. This is a great way to grow your own tasty sugar crystals.

Homemade Slime – Watch how with just a few simple ingredients you can make a batch of gloopy, squishy and awesome slime that everyone will love playing with.

Dancing Oobleck – See this amazing mixture turn from liquid to a solid in different circumstances and enjoy playing with it and seeing how you can make it transform.

Homemade Bouncing Balls – Every kid loves a bouncing ball and with this fun experiment they can mix everything together and create their own bouncer at home.

Invisible Ink – Fancy yourself as the next James Bond? or your little ones love ‘Spy Kids? well check out this awesome invisible ink recipe and make sure no bad guys read your messages.

Egg Geodes – Create crystallized egg shells with this fun and colorful experiment where you can see the crystals ‘growing’ on the shells.

Homemade Lava Lamps – See how different colored bubbles bob about in these cool homemade lava lamps and see how water and oil interact with each other.

Walking On Raw Eggs – ‘It can’t be done’, ‘it’ll crack’, ‘they’ll break’ these are just a few of the predictions I imagine the kids and you will be making before you try this experiment…but watch their faces when they walk on raw eggs and not one cracks.

Make A Rubber Egg – Turn an egg into a rubber like ball using just one household ingredient and watch it bouncy or roll around without a shell and without ever making a mess.

Create A Levitating Orb – You can create a levitating orb and see how static can cause little balls to float and levitate in front of you…without any wires.

Blow Up A Balloon Using Science – Without using your mouth or a canister of helium watch as balloons full inflate with this simple experiment.

Make An Electromagnet – With this fun experiment you can demonstrate how electric currents can generate a magnet field and which objects it can attract.

Bend Water – This simple experiment will enable any child to bend flowing water and see how static electricity can attract water and make it bend in its flow.

Leak Proof Bag – Stab a sandwich bag full of water and see how no leaks occur then experiment to see how many times you can stab it before the bag does spring a leak.

String Telephone – Every child should try making their own string telephone and passing messages through it to see if you can actually hear them.

Potato Battery – Use a potato to power a clock, this fun and strange experiment actually works and will show children everywhere there’s more to a potato than a bag of chips.

Exploding Bag – Make a bag explode with this easy and exciting experiment that everyone will love…a fun twist on the classic vinegar and baking soda reaction.

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