Amazing Halloween Costumes Hairstyles

So, to make your life a little easier, we recommend starting your costume from the top down. Whether you’re planning to buy a wig or just styling your own hair, we have all your Halloween hair inspiration ahead. These looks range from a teased ’80s Tina Turner to a platinum Xtina with colored streaks, but each one is a Halloween classic.

Low Bun without Bangs

low-bun-without-bangs via

Bob with Hair piece

bob-with-hair-piece via

Teased-up Pixie

teased-up-pixie via

Double Bun

double-bun via

Teased-up Pixie

simple-ponytail via

Ombre Curls with Braids

ombre-curls-with-braids via

Bright Color Hair

bright-color-hair via

Teased-up Pixie

fox-like-hair via

Teased-up Pixie

black-and-white-curls via

Retro Hair

retro-hair via

Teased-up Pixie

stylish-halloween-hair via

Highlighted Hair

highlighted-hair via

Green Ponytail

pastel-blue-curls via


updo via

Green Ponytail

green-ponytail via

Teased-up Pixie

messy-updo via

Teased-up Pixie

mohawk-like-braid via

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