Amazing Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Take a look at these 50 ideas you can buy or DIY your mom for Mother’s Day.


When you’ve been cooking in the kitchen for such a long time, you’re bound to have your secret family recipes that only you know. Gift your mom a gorgeous floral tin that will encourage her to write down her recipes so they will be forever kept in her handwriting. (via Rifle Paper Co.)

While this particular floral embroidery is for purchase, it would make a lovely and simple DIY project for Mother’s Day. Create a pattern of her favorite flower in her favorite color and she’ll enjoy having it hanging in her reading nook forever. (via Etsy)

There’s just something about moms and candles that go together. Buy her one in a lovely floral tin that emits a wonderful spring smell and she’ll be burning it from now till August. (via Anthropologie)

When a woman has a favorite handbag, she uses it until it’s wearing at the seams. Find your mom a copy of her favorite purse and take it to the next level by gluing a floral patch on it. She’ll be happy for a replacement and enjoy it’s beauty even more. (via The Lovely Drawer)

Once you found your style, you probably realized that each woman has her favorite daily jewelry, even your mom. Give her a pretty flowery plate to keep her jewelry safe and sound while she sleeps. (via Catbird)


Does your handwriting look like your mom’s? Or maybe it takes after your dad’s. Either way, your mom probably loves it. Give her a bracelet with a message in your handwriting stamped on it so she can cherish your M’s and O’s and L’s forever. (via Etsy)

Love the stamped bracelet idea but loathe to spend a fortune for one? Use your own stamping kit to cover a simple cuff in infinity symbols to signify your love for each other. (via One Artsy Mama)

Is your mom into all the rings? Give her a set that she will wear every day. Of course it won’t work if she has more than ten children, but you can easily make two or three stackable for one finger. (via Etsy)

Mom’s who are into quirky jewelry are the best to give gifts to. If your mom only has one to three kids, make this fun and simple safety pin necklace with as many pearls as kids. It will be the most unique jewelry out there. (via Make and Fable)

A mom who is into the simplest jewelry possible is sometimes difficult to buy for. Except this bracelet is sure to be right down her alley. Just add as many initial charms as she has kids. (via Etsy)

If your simple jewelry mom is more of a necklace wearing gal, grab your jewelry making supplies and create these lovely yet classic pieces for her. They’re simple enough to wear every day but delicate enough for date nights and business meetings. (via Pottery Barn)

For the mom who still has young children to run to soccer practice and ballet and sleepovers, give her a gorgeous rose gold watch. While it’s a very practical gift, it makes sense for the mom who is always watching the clock. (via Anthropologie)

Many moms have some trouble adjusting to having adult children. If that describes your mom, DIY a word necklace that describes her. The word will be meaningful while the leather will feel young and hip. (via Kingston Crafts)

Are you your mom’s only child? In that case, the single name jewelry works great. Like this simple stamped necklace that she will love wearing. Or you can have her mother’s name stamped in it instead of yours. (via Scoutmob)

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