Awesome Kids Garden Projects to Pursue in Spring

A selection of extraordinary super fun kids garden projects to pursue in spring follows, this ought to encourage the parents and grandparents to use every opportunity and experience to be educative, every opportunity to culture memories with the little ones; cast a glance at the gallery below.


Peanut butter on a roll of toilet paper and seeds of all kinds, a treat for birds.



Recycle part of your plastic bottles into colorful decorations for you garden; make sure that the rest of your plastic bottle hits the right recycling bin.


3. colorful finger print flower pots

Acrylic paint, fingerprints and timeless memories.


4. diy sponges grass houses

Use the texture of sponge to nestle greenery in a spectacular shape.


5. use egg shells to nestle seedlings

The egg shell contains nutrients that can encourage plant growth, an inexpensive educative project on waste management.


6. diy butterfly feeder

Use sugar in a mason jar or on a simple plate to invite butterflies in your yard.

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7.  grow epic grass heads

You can use these figurines as an educative lesson on growth first hand and have fun giving them a hair cut after the project is finished.

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8. egg carton greenhouse nestling seedlings

All you need is a plastic bag to embellish one egg carton containing potting soil and you have a small green house at your disposal, an extraordinary educative lesson with no costs.

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9. suspended plastic bottles planters

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10. cotton ball and seeds

A swift and extraordinary graphic lesson that displays the immense power of mother nature.

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11. Mud cupcakes decorated with nature

It goes without saying that this activity will be messy but the joy on their face will be priceless, help them cook in the mud, enjoy glorious muddy moments with the little ones.


12. Painted rocks acting as garden markers

Simple but highly effective project to take on in your next craft session.


13. Petite Flower Garden

Invite your little ones to take care of their own garden, they can plant flowers, vegetables or simple low maintenance succulents.

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14. use gloves as a planter

Each finger can contain different seeds.

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15. Plastic bottle becomes sprinkler

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16. invite birds with a diverse menu

Create an epic garland with diverse food, apple slices, seeds, anything you can spare birds will love, invite them in your yard, enjoy their songs.

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17. colorful TERRACOTTA flower pot

Tailor a garden wind chime with your little ones, here colorful beams create an extraordinary look.


A parent ought to embrace DIY projects with children as an educative lesson, every process has something interesting behind it, every process is an experience.

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