Amazing Recycled Projects Made With Zipper

The zipper pouches can be of different patterns and shapes as you can see over here. There are bunny zipper pouches, coin pouches , rainbow zipper pouch and much more. Also you can do some lace and zipper necklaces.

Golden & Black Zipper Bracelet:

Image: everydaydishes

Zipper Heart Crafts For Valentine:

Image: wordpress

Zipper Headband:

Image: starsforstreetlights

Zipper Flower Brooch:

Image: fabdiy

Plastic-Bottle Zipper Container:

Image: popsugar

Cute Monogrammed Zipper Bags:

Image: liagriffith

Plastic Bottle Apple Containers:

Image: repeatcrafterme

DIY Jumper Tutorial:


Easy Zipper Pouch Tutorial:

Image: themakeupdummy

Chic Zippered Pouch:

Image: countryliving

Knotted Up Zipper Bracelet:

Image: etsy

Zipper Bracelet: DIY

Image: momsandcrafters

Self-Zipping Coin Purse:


Zipper Bunny:

Image: lilblueboo

Amazing Zipper Bracelet:

Image: everydaydishes

Rainbow Zipper Pouch Tutorial:

Image: scatteredthoughtsofacraftymom

Embellished Lace Zipper Necklace:

Image: mjtrim

Cute Little Bag Made From Zippers:

Image: patternpile

Zipper Rings:

Image: cuegly.blogspot

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