Amazing Stuff To Do With Coconut Oil

This round-up has 28 of the best, and sometimes surprising, ways that you can use coconut oil. With amazing effects on everything from skin, to cooking and furniture you’ll see just how versatile this substance is!

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There’s almost nothing that coconut oil can’t do!

Refinishing Furniture With Coconut Oil

How To Remove Sticky Adhesive Residue

Use Coconut Oil To Clean Your Make-Up Brushes

How To Season & Care For Cast Iron Skillets

Clean Your Leather Upholstery With Coconut Oil

Polish Your Leather Shoes With Coconut Oil

How To Make A Natural Deodorant

Use Coconut Oil For Stretch Marks

Homemade Remineralizing Toothpaste

Coconut Oil Vapor Rub

Use Coconut Oil To Treat Head Lice

Non-Toxic Bug Repellent

Coconut Oil Anti-Fungal Cream

Homemade Aftershave Lotion

Natural Homemade Sunscreen

DIY Luxurious Sugar Scrub

Coconut Oil Eye Make-Up Remover

Make Your Own Moisturizing Body Butter

Coconut Oil Hand Cream

Homemade Coconut Oil Lotion

How To Make Lotion Bars

Shampoo Bar Soap Recipe

Coconut Oil Hair Treatment

Homemade Natural Chapstick

Coconut Oil Lip Gloss

Chocolate, Avocado & Coconut Oil Face Mask

Homemade Magic Shell Recipe

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