Amazing Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls

From modern to fun to rustic looks, here are some of the most awesome room decor ideas for teens, tweens and teenagers. Check out these 31 best creative ideas you can choose from to decorate your bedroom!

1. DIY Pom Pom Rug


How would you feel if you are greeted by a huge, puffy rug when you open your room door? Ahhh! HOME!

2. DIY Magnetic Hexagon Planter


If you love mother nature, then learn how you can incorporate that love into your room with this tutorial!

3. DIY Floral And Wire Words


Yes, we strongly encourage you to BE YOU and be reminded of that everyday by this floral wall art!

4. DIY Fabric Wall Art


A fabric wall art and an intricate monogram is a bomb!

5. DIY Geometric Wall Clock


Neat, simple and beautiful. If you are these 3 words, then this geometric clock is definitely one that you should have too!

6. DIY Stenciled Succulent Key Hook


Level up that key holder by adding this little succulent flower as decorative!

7. Dry Erase Board and Desktop Tray


Now you do not have to be messy and cluttery anymore. Have this bard and desktop tray that will not only save you a lot of paper but will also serve as a cute decorative to your study table!

8. Framed Paper Succulents


If you have always loved the idea of having a succulent frame to your room but does not have the time and resources for that yet, you can always always opt-in for this paper succulent frame first.

9. Painted Watercolor Pillow


Who can deny being merry when you wake up to this cheerful pillows every single morning?

10. Floral Deer Head Pallet Art


Sum up your love for the countryside and your youthful, lively spirit with this wall art decor!

11. DIY Honeycomb Hexagon Wall Treatment


Be at all expressive on how sweet you are with this honeycomb hexagon wall decor!

12. DIY Drinking Straw Sunburst Frame


Start with a day full of energy and vigor with this sunburst frame!

13. Star Light Garland


This one goes to all who loves coming home to the sweet, soft lights of the stars.

14. Monogram Ring Dish


Learn how to do your very own monogram to a ring dish you can proudly show off your friends!

15. DIY Ampersand Marquee Light


This industrial project says a lot about how industrial you can be!

16. Popsicle Stick Frames


Really cheap and easy to do! If you ever have a lot of popsicle sticks, then this project will surely liven up your room!

17. Chalkboard Wall Calendar DIY


Show how organized you are! Never forget important dates as you make this magnificent calendar.

18. Blooming Monogram DIY


Blooming indeed! There is always something about the soft, pink flowers that tickles a girl’s spirit and makes her happy!

19. DIY Firefly Lamp


Oh! Oh! Turn off your lights and turn on this lamp you’ll no doubt be in a beautiful dreamland!

20. Decorative Wall Hooks Jewelry Storage


Just as you thought you’ve seen all amazing jewelry holder ideas out there, you realize you have yet to see another one!

21. DIY Box Storage


This box storage is so neat! Emphasize how organized you can get with this decoration and organizing idea!

22. Beach Inspired Mason Jar Display


We love the beach! Be taken home to a tropical vibe with these mason jar display!

23. Make Up Magnet Board


Redefining make-up organizer as its best!

24. DIY Ombre Walls


Just how do they do this fascinating ombre walls? Find out through the link above!

25. Crate Side Table DIY


Want to go a little bit rustic? Here’s a crate side table you can DIY!

26. DIY Desktop Mini Drawers


Yay! there’s always something about mini drawer that brings us back to when we were still playing playhouse. Don’t you agree?

27. Wood Block Cork Board


Don’t want to hang a cork board but just want to get creative with it? Check this one out!

28. DIY Hanging Copper Planter


Another gift to mother nature — a hanging plant idea that adds beauty to a boring space.

29. Neon String Bookends


This one is super easy to do! Find out from the link above!

30. Shopping Bag Wall Holders


A sassy way of decorating and organizing stuff, the hanging bag idea is a sure bombshell!

31. DIY Tassel Garland


Lastly, liberally add colors to your room expressing that young, merry spirit with this tassel garland!

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