Amazing Things To Make With Old Jars

Quick, creative and fun, this collection features plenty of inspirational projects to take your old glass jars from drab to fab!

With everything from simple planters to decorative candle holders and clever storage solutions, you’ll struggle to decide which one’s to do first! In fact, we bet that you’ll want to go out and buy more jars just so you can upcycle them!

DIY Glow Jars

These stunning glow jars are not only cheap and easy but they’re beautiful to look at too…and the best part is, they only take two minutes to make!

Double Decker Mason Jar Craft Caddy

Keep all of your bits and bobs in order with this useful organizing caddy – perfect for every crafter out there!

Mason Jar Wall Planter

You get two for one with this amazing DIY! The homemade planters will allow you to grow things indoors while, at the same time, adding unique decor to your wall!

Candle Holder

Simple yet effective, these eye-catching candle holders will add a warming glow to any room.

Mason Jar Cozies

Chilled in summer and warm in winter, your drinks will always be at the right temperature with this homemade cozy!

5-Minute Mason Jar Lamp

Perfect for any level of crafter, this quick and easy project can be completed by anyone!

How To Make A DIY Butterfly Feeder

Attract some beautiful butterflies to your yard with this simple feeder project.

Mason Jar Chandelier

A chandelier will always provide a beautiful centerpiece, and this mason jar one is no different!

Mason Jar Storage Shelf Tutorial

These storage jars are a great space-saver! Whether you want to organize your craft supplies, your collection of ribbons or even your spices, these will do the trick!

DIY Redneck Wine Glasses

Give your mason jars a makeover and upcycle them into original redneck wine glasses.

Photo Frame Jars

If you’re looking for a clever way to display your favorite memories then look no further than these original jar frames!

Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Give your kitchen some style with this mason jar soap dispenser! They’re inexpensive to make bring the perfect vintage touch to your space.

DIY Mason Jar Air Freshener

Keep your home smelling fresh with a handy mason jar air freshener.

Fun Superhero Money Banks

Encouraging your kids to save money has never been so easy…we guarantee that they’ll be desperate to fill their superhero jars!

Mason Jar Solar Lights

With just three materials and a few moments of your time, you too can create a set of lights powered by the sun.

Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

For an easy way to add storage to your bathroom, why not use mason jars?

Mason Jar Terrarium

If your green fingers aren’t up to scratch then why not try this hassle-free alternative. The terrarium allows you to enjoy plants without having to put any of the work in!

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