How To Get Free Energy From The Sun

With these 8 simple solutions you can convert to alternative energy, harness the power of the sun and convert it into electricity. Each of the projects are easy to do and will help you to save money on utility bills.

How To Make A Solar USB Charger From An Altoids Tin

A solar USB charger is a handy little gadget to have but, even after a bit of shopping around, chances are you wont find one in the stores for less than $60. Designed to fit cozily inside an altoids tin, this homemade version is compact, lightweight and portable but more importantly it only costs $20 to make! It’s great to take on camping trips or to have on hand during a power shortage and it will ensure all of your USB devices have a full battery.

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Make A Solar Heater Using Soda Cans

Living in Vermont, Daniel was experiencing an unwanted chill in his garage and rather than undertaking a massive insulation project he decided to take advantage of the sunshine and build a solar heater. Using just a few scrap materials he had laying around, Daniel found the heater  was easy to complete and he recorded a 15 degree temperature difference. Anyone can give this DIY a go…all you need are a few soda cans!

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DIY Solar Dehydrator

Drying food is a delicious way to preserve and concentrate the flavors of fresh fruits, veggies and herbs….so why not dry it in this super simple solar dehydrator! The clever design means it is inexpensive to build as it uses scrap materials and upcycled objects which are lightweight in order to move the dehydrator in and out of the sun!

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How To Build Your Own DIY Home Solar Power System

Reliable, maintenance-free and affordable, this home solar power system is the perfect alternative energy solution. Not only will the panels provide enough energy to power most of your house but you will also notice a dramatic difference in your electricity bills! You might think they would be difficult to install but this comprehensive tutorial will guide you through the whole process.

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Mason Jar Solar Lights

Three materials and ten minutes of your time is all you need to create these beautiful solar lights. If you leave them out in the sun all day, they’ll light up your garden long into the night. Perfect for garden parties or evenings on the patio, they’ll be a great addition to your yard.

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Build A Solar Furnace For Under $50

Capture the energy of the sun with your own DIY solar furnace and help heat areas of your home for basically nothing! It’s easy to build and offers a quick return on the cost of materials…which is less than $50! This helpful video has everything you need to know so you can create your own at home.

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How To Build A Solar Thermal Water Heater

Perfect for those who want to go green, this easy-to-build thermal heater uses the power of the sun to heat water. The panel is not beyond anyone with basic DIY skills and you only need a few basic materials to do it. The finished product is guaranteed to reduce your utility bills…what could be better than that!

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DIY Solar Oven

Enjoy a tasty hot meal even when the power is out with this amazingly simple solar-powered DIY.  This solution to conventional cooking is easy to achieve and can be built in time for dinner!

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