Amazing Tips For Cleaning Your Bathroom

You can create everything from your own shower head cleaner, toothbrush disinfectant, water spot remover, bathtub scrub, tile and grout cleaner and so much more.

DIY Poo Poo Bathroom Spray – This ingenious recipe, will show you how to trap any unwanted smells in the toilet bowl! Simply spray before you go and it will create a barrier on top of the water, trapping all the horrible odors beneath and releasing its own sweet scent.

Homemade Shower Head Cleaner – If your shower sprays in 10 different directions except the one you want, or you live in a hard water area, this is a brilliant tip for making your shower head work perfectly and look as good as new!

How To Naturally Clean Your Toothbrush – Rid your toothbrush of all the nasty bacteria and clean it naturally! All you need is one ingredient from your kitchen.

Keep Your Faucets Free From Water Spots – No matter how much hand-washing or tooth-brushing goes on at your sink, your faucets will remain shiny thanks to this clever trick!

Homemade Drain Cleaner – Don’t call the plumber just yet! Instead, whip up a batch of this homemade cleaner and watch that problem drain become unblocked!

Remove Water Spots From Your Faucets – Give this homemade solution a go and you’ll be amazed at the results!

How To Clean Your Shower Screen – Glass shower doors, mirrors, tiles…this multi-purpose cleaner will work on them all!

DIY Toilet Bombs – These simple toilet bombs will not only blast away any bacteria but they’ll deodorize your bathroom too. Just pop one in the toilet whenever you want, and leave it to fizz away!

Limescale Removal & Prevention – This useful tutorial is full of hints and tips on how you can remove limescale from your home and prevent it from coming back again!

Homemade Bathtub Scrub – This simple homemade mixture uses just 3 ingredients and takes all the effort out of cleaning…so you can enjoy a nice long dip in the bath!

DIY Bathroom Wipes – Have the same cleaning power at a fraction of the price with this wonderful tutorial for making your own wipes.

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner – You don’t need expensive bleaches or chemical filled products to clean your toilet when you have this natural homemade version!

Make Your Own Grout Cleaner – There’s nothing more unsightly than grubby, dirty grouting! With this tutorial and just two ingredients you can have it sparkling like new again!

DIY Bathroom Tile Cleaner – Avoid the harsh chemicals of store bought cleaners and make this tile cleaner at home. It’s cheap, it’s easy and it really works!

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