How To Organize Your Kitchen

we’ve hunted out another 14 fantastic ideas which will give you even more space and make you the master of your kitchen.

Whether you need a few quick and easy organizing solutions or a way to double your storage we’ve found plenty of must see ideas to make the most of the space you have and make sure you are using it all.

Build A Sliding Pegboard Drawer – With this fantastic tutorial you’ll be able to build a pegboard drawer in any cabinet space which will allow you to easily create separate storage areas and protect dishes from chipping.

Kitchen Utensil Storage Board –  Create your own storage board with these instructions which you can adapt to fit in any space you have and give yourself some quirky and stylish storage.

DIY Chunky Shelves – This fantastic tutorial will show you how you can maximize your space without adding more cupboards, these easy DIY shelves are adaptable to fit into your space perfectly and provide much needed storage.

How To Store Foil & Plastic Wrap – Free up a much needed drawer with this convenient and easy tip which will make your foil and wrap easily accessible and easier to use.

Pull Out Cutting Board – Utilize all available space in your kitchen by turning a faux drawer into a convenient pull out cutting board which stores away neatly and keeps your boards out of cupboards and off your work tops.

Drop Down Recipe Book/Tablet Holder – This quick and easy DIY will look fantastic in any Kitchen and can be hidden out of sight when not in use. Now you’ll never have to get any food on your books or tablet while you’re cooking.

Build Your Own Canned Food Cabinet – Free up your cupboards and drawers with this easy project which will take up any redundant space you have and make the perfect storage solution.

DIY Lazy Susan – Organize your cupboards or even your fridge using a Lazy Susan and make finding what you need easier, plus anyone can make one of these with this great tutorial.

Lid Hook Organizer – Use the back of your cupboard doors to make the most of the space and keep your lids secure and out of the way. Ideal for those with small cupboards and no space to store pan lids.

Fabric Organization Station – Need a command center? Somewhere to store takeout menus? Or perhaps you just need somewhere to store post that’s not on the counter? This quick and easy tutorial will show you how you can use the inside of any cabinet door to keep the clutter off of your work tops!

Pantry Organization – With an Over the door shoe holder you can use it to store your cleaning products or if you need more storage for food dill it up with your snacks.

How To Build A Corner Shelf – Don’t let any corners in your kitchen become a wasted space. With this tutorial you can build a corner shelf in just 7 minutes and give yourself more storage space.

DIY Hanging Pot Rack – Find out how you can create a hanging pot rack with just a few items and turn your pots into a feature and free up a few cupboards at the same time.

Under The Sink Rail –  By hanging an inexpensive rod under your sink, you can create a neat and organized cabinet, hang spray bottles and dust clothes without clogging up crucial space.

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