Amazing Valentines Day Crafts

Valentines Day is a great excuse for a crafty session because everyone loves receiving something homemade and heartfelt.

We’ve handpicked these 24 projects which range from edible treats to gift wrap ideas and luxurious pamper products so you can spoil that special person in your life.

A box of these bon-bon salt scrubs will be a real surprise for your loved one…they’ll open them thinking they are chocolates only to find out that they’re actually a moisturizing treat for the skin!

Nothing says I love you like a homemade hand warmer, especially when it’s in the shape of a heart! Don’t worry, you wont have to be a professional seamstress to give this a go, in fact you’ll only need five materials.

This recipe for heart-shaped pie pops is as delicious as it is cute! You can never go wrong with a dessert that’s on a stick!

Quick, easy and romantic, this cuddle kit for two is perfect for valentines. Get cozy on the sofa under a blanket with your partner and enjoy an evening of snuggling!

Candles can help create a romantic atmosphere for your Valentine’s Day evening, providing the warmth of flickering candle light when you turn the lights down low. This one uses conversation hearts to add a playful feel.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas this year then why not add an air of mystery to the occasion and send your lover on a fun scavenger hunt that leads them to a romantic prize at the end. It’s simple to put together, and you can be as creative with the clues as you like – you wouldn’t want to make it too easy for them after all!

Some berrylicious heart shaped ice cubes will help to liven up a glass of champagne!

Now’s the time to tell your partner exactly how much they mean to you! Tuck you heartfelt words onto a message inside a bottle and wait for your Valentine to discover it!

This thoughtful book of cards will cost you no money but it will bring hours of enjoyment to that special person in your life because they’ll be able to read the 52 things you love about them most!

Valentines day doesn’t just have to be about you and your partner. Get the kids involved too with these salt dough footprint ornaments. They’ll love joining in with the holiday and making something heartfelt for someone they care about, and whoever they gift it too will treasure the gift forever.

You’ve got the gift, you’ve got the card, you’ve got everything you need for a perfect night in…now you just need to set the table for dinner. This brilliant post from will provide you with plenty of inspiration for some beautiful decorative additions. Think roses, candles and lots of hearts!

Luxuriously creamy, this red velvet hot chocolate recipe has got all the comfort of a regular hot chocolate but with a decadent, silky twist. The vibrant color is beautiful to look at and, when topped with a dollop of whipped cream it becomes simply heavenly!

Get the glitter out and get crafting with these gorgeous glass jars. They make ideal candle holders and the light from the flame will dance off the glitter creating a stunning shimmer around the room.

Everyone loves a game of dominoes and now you can add a romantic spin to the traditional game with this Valentines version.

Add a little sweetness to your room with this DIY pom pom heart pillow. You can add it to a cushion you already own to give it a makeover or you could pick up a cheap pillow case from your local thrift store.

If you have still got a few candy canes lurking around after Christmas then we’ve found the perfect project for you to use them up. Melt down the candy until it’s a pliable consistency then roll them up and, voila – they look exactly like roses. The fake flowers wont wilt and your partner can tuck into them when they fancy a little something sweet after dinner.

You may not be that into the whole lovey-dovey thing but sometimes it’s nice to give just a quirky, token gift that will make your loved one smile. So why not tell them how much they a-maze you with this free printable.

These jam heart biscuits are truly yummy and perfect for Valentines day.

This beautiful and easy craft will look fantastic in any home and will add a warming ambiance to your romantic day this year. Using just a few items you’ll already have in your home, you can turn any glass container into a stunning pink votive.

A homemade rose and pink grapefruit soap is perfect for cleansing and refreshing and with a light, fruity scent it will leave you feeling revitalized.

When Liz, over at, saw some silver birch candle holders on Etsy she fell in love with them but didn’t want to pay the $20 price tag. So instead she did what any clever crafter would do and made her own, and the results are stunning.

A pencil, some paint and a canvas tote bag…that’s all you need to create this printed heart motif.

Homemade gift bags are always fun to receive and now you can express your feeling by showering those you care about with chocolate hugs and kisses!

Enjoy the decadent duo of white chocolate and candy with these scrumptious bark bites. The homemade sweets are easy to make and their rustic-looking appearance means you don’t have to have perfect presentation!

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