Amazing Ways To Turn An Old Mirror From Boring To Stunning!

Mirrors are a common find at flea markets and antique shops, and you can also find new ones at dollar stores. The trick is to find these beat-up, old, weathered, or tacky mirrors and transform them into something that you’ll be proud to have in your home.

Mirrors come in a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes, which means you won’t have a difficult time finding a mirror to fit the spot you have in mind.

We’ve scoured the internet for a wide variety of projects that will help you transform an old or ugly mirror into an item with a new function or simply beautify an old mirror and bring it up to date with your sense of style.

The projects below range in difficulty, but all are possible for even the newest DIYer.

We hope you’ll fall in love with one of the following projects and you’ll create some amazing art!

Optical Illusion Garden Mirror – This is an incredible project that looks for all the world like your garden is host to an interdimensional portal housed in a mirror. This is a project that has a lot of “wow” factor, but is actually very simple to create!

DIY Sunburst Mirror – Create your own sunburst mirror with a simple tutorial. This style is popular, and you can find expensive versions in stores.

Mirror Bowls – While not a large statement piece like most mirrors, these smaller mirrors are beautiful as a group display, adding dimension and color to your wall. These are unique pieces that are simple, yet impressive.

Vintage Tennis Racket Mirrors – A vintage tennis racket with damaged strings can be converted into a wall mirror easily–your frame is already in place! Hang multiple mirrors to up the “wow” factor.

Mirror Boxes – These adorable boxes are created using small beveled mirrors that can be purchased at the dollar store. These are excellent display pieces for smaller items, and they make great gifts!

Chalkboard Signs – Paint the frame of an old mirror or picture frame a bold color, then paint the mirror or glass with chalkboard paint to create these trendy, adorable signs.

Plastic Spoon Chrysanthemum Mirror – It’s hard to believe that this mirror was made with painted plastic spoons! Arrange these “petals” around the outside of a small circular mirror to create this enormous, bold mirror.

DIY Pallet Mirror – An elegantly shaped mirror can be installed into a piece of reclaimed wood or a section of a pallet to create a rustic, chic new display piece for the wall or on a mantle.

DIY Magazine Mirror – This project is another example of using common materials to create an incredible finished product, utilizing rolled magazine pages to add color and texture to the outside of a simple mirror.

DIY Egg Carton Flower Mirror – These flowers may look like felt, but they were actually created from egg cartons! Another great project utilizing items you’re sure to have around the house!

Infinity LED Mirror – This project is a little more difficult, but the results are undeniable. Your friends and guests will be totally impressed when they see it!

Eerie Mirror – This project is geared more towards Halloween, but it’s a stunning idea! Create an eerie haunted mirror with only a few items and get ready for the spookiest holiday of the year!

Wood Slice Mirror – This circular mirror is framed by large and small subsections of branches, creating a unique display piece that’s as at home in a rustic home as in a contemporary design scheme.

Mirrored Chandelier Medallion – Use store-bough hexagon mirror panels to create a ceiling medallion straight out of Hollywood! Perfect when paired with a crystal chandelier.

Vintage Map Frame – An antique mirror can easily become the frame for an equally antique map, giving the old piece a brand new look. No one would ever guess that the frame and map were ever separate!

Upcycled Door Mirror – Those cheap, flimsy door mirrors you can buy at the dollar store don’t have a lot of style to them, so dress them up by attaching decorative trim and a sturdier frame. No more broken, flimsy mirrors!

Christmas Mirror – This piece of holiday decor is the perfect DIY solution to an otherwise incredibly expensive bit of art. You’ll love displaying this classic decoration for years to come!

DIY Water Color Mirrors –  This subtle, but incredible color effect can be done on any size mirror, so you can dress up a large floor mirror with a bit of tie-dye fun!

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