Aweome DIY Galaxy Ideas

Check out these creative DIY galaxy projects and start getting artistic with the stars!

1. Galaxy EOS

2. Galaxy Hair

The Fashion Spot

3. Galaxy Chocolate Bark

Life With The Crust Off

4. Galaxy Backpack

Life of A Razorback

5. DIY Galaxy Umbrella

Pink Stripey Socks

6. Galaxy Dress


7. Galaxy nails

8. Galaxy Jeans

Raindrops of sapphire

9. Galaxy Soap

10. Galaxy in a jar

11. Galaxy Notebook Painting

12. Galaxy Magnets

Pop Craft Art

13. Galaxy Rocks

Love and Marriage Blog

14. Galaxy Shorts

True Blue Me and You

15. Galaxy Purse

Gloriously chic

16. Galaxy Slime

Two Daloo

17. Galaxy shirt

Auto Straddle

18. Galaxy Easter Eggs

Dream A Little Bigger

19. Galaxy Lipstick

Sugarpill on Instagram

20. Galaxy Shoes

21. Galaxy Letters


22. Galaxy Ice Cream

Some of This and That

23. Coffee Mug

Its A Fabulous Life

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