Awesome and Easy Snowman Crafts

I am a huge sucker for a cute snowman. I can’t get enough of them!

This is a great project for kids. I used a hot glue gun on my snowman crafts, but if you replaced the hot glue with some glue dots- this would be a perfect project for little fingers!

Open your package of tea lights, and position it so that the switch will not be covered up by a hat or scarf.

Open your hat and scarf set packages.

Marvel at how cute they are- and how for the price- you would never make these yourself!

Apply adhesive to the top of your tea light. You can use either hot glue, or glue dots for this project.

Then add the hat. You may need to stretch it slightly. Make sure to pull it down over the top of the “face” a little.

Using a small amount of adhesive, secure the pom-pom of the hat to the brim.

Now tie the scarf into a loose half knot.

Adhere the scarf to the bottom of the tea light.

Let’s add a face to this little guy, shall we? The nose is already in place. 🙂

I love these self-adhesive pearls!

They are perfect for this project, because they come in graduated sizes. Perfect for eyes, and a mouth!

Seriously, how cute is that!

Now, add a magnet to the back with your chosen adhesive. I like to use heavy duty magnets. Then I am not worried about my project sliding down the fridge because it is too heavy for the magnet.

Now slide that switch on, flip those cute snowman crafts over, and give it a test run!

These festive snowman crafts would be perfect for a night light. Fun to hang on the front door to light the way for Santa and his reindeer! Or as a unique neighbor gift.

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