Awesome Candle Carving Designs

Carved candles also make great gifts! Check out these 15 candle carving patterns that will inspire you to try it yourself!

1. Gilded initials


If you’ve never tried candle carving before but you’re look for an easy project to get started, then this heart and initials idea from Hello Glow is an awesome idea for you! Follow their tutorial for making your image in the side of a candle that you’ve bought or made and paint your carving in whatever colour you like!

2. Valentine heart candle


Perhaps you’re not quite ready for making letters in your candle carving yet and you’d rather stick to simple shapes? That’s okay too! Sometimes the easiest drawing, like this adorable Valentine’s Day heart, makes the best gift. See how it’s done on DIY Gal.

3. Leaf etched candles


Perhaps you’d like to carve in a little more detail than simple solid lines, but you’re still not ready for a true artisanal piece? Check out this leaf pattern by Alabama Chanin! This design will give you a little more practice carving fine details when you add the lines inside the leaves.

4. Colour carved candles


Are you a fan of bright colours and geometric patterns but you’re still practicing your candle carving? Here’s a simple carving idea that lets you work with colour and contrast for an awesomely decorative aesthetic! Check out how to make each little cutout shape on Decor Asylum.

5. Geometrically moulded candles


Technically this tutorial from How Did You Make This actually teaches you how to mould candles in a geometric shape right from the beginning, but you could carve this design too! As long as you keep your

6. Simple 3D floral candle


Do you feel like you’re ready to start practicing layered 3D candle carving, like the kind you’ve undoubtedly seen on TV? Start simple, easy, and cute! D.light Candles guides you through the process of lightly shaving thin layers of wax upward from four points and curling them into a central point so they look like a pretty flower!

7. Carved beeswax rose


Candle 101 shows you the steps for shaving and moulding very thin layers of wax in waving shapes to resemble lifelike rose petals. We love the way the central petal spirals around the wick in the centre. This one might look rather complicated, but it’s actually quite simple if you’re willing to put in the time.

8. Swooping Valentine’s heart


Did you try the layered 3D flower design and have more luck than you anticipated with your first attempt at layered carving? Then it’s time to try something that’s a slight step up! Check out this curling heart idea from Fresh Designpedia that would make the perfect caring Valentine’s Day gift for the one you love.

9. Quote carved candle


Perhaps you really enjoyed carving letters into the side of your candle when you tried the initials design above and you’d like to practice some more? Choose a quote that inspires you or reminds you of a friend or loved one and carve it into the side of a candle! Check the technique out in more detail at Rustic Scentuals.

10. Simple spiral carving


Are you looking for an intricate pattern that’s a little more subtle than a 3D carving, but that still looks fancy and intricate? Then we definitely recommend taking a look at this simple spiral pattern from 123 Peppy. With attention to detail and a steady hand, you’ll be able to make as many swirls as you please!

11. Tulip and butterfly candle


Are you interested in learning the same carving techniques as the very skilled candle artists on those TV documentaries you’ve seen use? Here’s a great introductory project to make several shapes and folds that you’ll use often as you progress! The flower and butterfly design is also completely gorgeous, especially if you use a colour layered candle like Makezine did here.

12. Cut n’ curl candle


One Stop Candle has the ultimate idea for you in simple but very visually impressive candle carving designs! They show you how to shave strips up the side of the candle, carefully twist them into vertical spirals, and reattach them at the bottom near the base. Make sure the strips aren’t too thin or too thick, or they’ll break if you don’t twist carefully!

13. Downward curling colours


Do you love watching the way the strips of wax curl downward as you cut them? Embrace that into a pretty design by helping each strip curl like a ringlet near the bottom and then piling another on top by stripping another thin layer from the newly exposed wax underneath. One Stop Candle shows you more details about this design.

14. Colour braided candle


Once you’ve gotten the hang of cutting smooth strips, bending them in certain directions, and re-sealing their ends, try creating a pattern that’s a little more intricate looking to really impressed guests when they visit your home! This idea from Diply winds and weaves several strips that have been cut downward from the top of the candle, creating a braided look around the bottom.

15. Autumn carved candle


Sometimes it’s nice to just create a simple craft that you can finish in a couple hours in the afternoon and put on display right away. Seasons and holidays are a great excuse for projects like that (not that we ever need an excuse for DIY)! We adore this autumn leaf and pumpkin design from Fashion Meets Food that’s perfect for this month!

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