Awesome Diaper Project Tutorials

You can just grab it and do the diaper change-quick and easy. And also, they’re cute! Perfect baby shower gift idea.

1 Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Show Stopper


Diaper Motorcycle Baby Shower Show Stopper: In the past, I have made diaper cakes, where you roll up each individual diaper using a rubberband, put them into a circle shape, decorate it with cut… (via Instructables)

2 Classy Chuck Taylor Cake


Classy Chuck Taylor Cake (via Four-Eyed Girlie)

3 Custom Diaper Cake


Custom Diaper Cake (via The Hair Bow Company)

4 Cloth Diaper Sushi


Cloth Diaper Sushi: All the fun crafts for baby showers that involve diapers involve disposables! That’s no fun for the mamas planning to use cloth diapers and their friends who want to make a creative baby shower gi… (via Dirty Diaper Laundry)

5 Gender Neutral Diaper Cake


Gender Neutral Diaper Cake (via ThriftDee)

6 Spring Inspired Diaper Cake


Spring Inspired Diaper Cake (via Homemade by Jill)

7 Diaper Wreath


Diaper Wreath (via Little Bit Funky)

8 Tricycle Diaper Cake


Tricycle Diaper Cake (via Maiden D’Shade)

9 Diaper Cupcakes


Diaper Cupcakes: One of my favorite people in the world is having a little girl at the end of the month… so of course I had to make her something special… Diaper Cupcakes Tutorial These are so sweet and you w… (via Bubbly Nature Creations)

10 Diaper Tub


Diaper Tub (via Building It on Pennies)

11 Personalized Brown and Pink Diaper Cake


Personalized Brown and Pink Diaper Cake (via Alli Crafts)

12 Bird’s Nest Diaper Cake


Bird’s Nest Diaper Cake (via It Happens in a Blink)

13 Diaper Motorcycle


Diaper Motorcycle: These are the cutest things you could make and give to a new mommy to be as her baby shower gift. Every mom needs diapers (the rate at which babies poop, every mom needs plenty of diapers!), so you know it would be a much needed and useful gift. But if you take a little Read More (via The Novice Housewife)

14 Tractor Diaper Cake


Tractor Diaper Cake: Here’s a how-to, step by step guide for a making the perfect baby shower gift. (via

15 Toy Topper Diaper Cake


Toy Topper Diaper Cake: Practical and unexpected, the diaper cake is a fun and festive way to turn simple baby shower gifts like blankets and toys into something special. (via Personal Creations Blog)

16 Dr Seuss Theme Diaper Cake


Dr Seuss Theme Diaper Cake (via Hammer & Thread)

17 Baby Carriage Diaper Cake


Baby Carriage Diaper Cake: Besides being a delightful centerpiece that everyone will ooh and aah over, a baby carriage diaper cake is the gift that keeps on giving. The baby carriage is made almost entirely of diapers and blankets, so after the shower, the expectant parents can take the carriage apart to use the individual components. While these diaper baby carriages can be… (via eHow)

18 Ba’bee’ Shower Cake


Ba’bee’ Shower Cake (via Sassy Sanctuary)

19 Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake


Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake: DIY Hot Air Balloon Diaper Cake Tutorial + Free Printables from HWTM and Huggies Baby Shower Planner. (via Hostess with the Mostess®)

20 Topsy Turvy Cake


Topsy Turvy Cake: Ok, first I have to give a shout out to Donya from Cherry Bon Bons!! She has tons of party invitations and other items to help you create an adorable event! We went with this fun Dr. Seuss invite as it matched our theme perfectly! She has many ready-to-customize items ready to go and had our invite (via The Domestic Four)

21 Fondant Style Diaper Cake


Fondant Style Diaper Cake (via Sweetaprils)

22 Bassinet Diaper Cake


Bassinet Diaper Cake: I absolutely adore Diaper Cakes, they are such cute and creative gifts, not to mention they make the perfect baby shower centerpiece! There are a ton of different kinds of diaper cakes; however I l… (via My Love of Style)

23 Secret Surprise Diaper Cake


Secret Surprise Diaper Cake: Detailed instructions and tutorial on making a diaper cake. (via Alpha Mom)

24 Baby Onesie cupcake


Baby Onesie cupcake (via Little Birdie Secrets)

25 Ribbon Decorated Diaper Cake


Ribbon Decorated Diaper Cake (via Saltbox Treasures)

26 Festive Diaper Cake


Festive Diaper Cake: Please welcome the lovely and talented Nicole from Chic & Cheap Nursery as today’s guest poster! I discovered Nicole’s stylish blog during my nursery (via Domestic Adventure)

27 No Roll Diaper Cake


No Roll Diaper Cake (via The Bean Sprout Notes)

28 Tutu Diaper Cake


Tutu Diaper Cake (via My Life According to Pinterest)

29 Giraffe Printed Cake


Giraffe Printed Cake: This past weekend we were in PA for my sister-in-law Kristen’s baby shower (you can check out some of their prego pics here). It was hosted by one of her other sisters-in-law, Elena, who did a wond… (via Beautiful Matters)

30 Dinosaur Rawr Cloth Diaper Cake


Dinosaur Rawr Cloth Diaper Cake: Step by step directions on how to build a cloth diaper cake using flat cloth diapers. #clothdiapers (via The Eco Chic)

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