Awesome DIY Ear Cuffs

They come in different shapes, themes and designs that can easily represent your style.The ear cuff looks like a bobby pin attached to your ear.

Chain Ear Cuff From An Eye Pin Tutorial:

Image: youtube

DIY Crystal Ear Cuff:

Image: youtube

Textured Copper Ear Cuff:

Image: blog.rings-thing

Glam Ear Cuffs Pronto:


Dazzling Ear Cuff:

Image: mjtrim

Wire Wrapped Earring &Red Glass Beads Ear Cuff:

Image: buyjewelrybeads.wordpress

Pretty Beads Fairy Ear Cuff:

Image: youtube

Fun With Wire – Ear Cuff

Image: youtube

Feather Ear-cuff:

Image: lakukita.wordpress

Simple Wire Ear Cuff:

Image: e-eliseetc

Rhinestones Ear Cuff:

Image: ourcollectivemuse

Simple Ear Cuff Tutorial:

Image: frostwinter222.wordpress

Butterfly Wing Ear Cuff:

Image: youtube

DIY Chained Ear Cuff:

Image: diycloset.wordpress

DIY Ear Cuff – Quick & Easy

Image: ashleymanfred

DIY Paper Clip Earring:

Image: youtube

Rhinestone Ear Cuff (From An Old Necklace)

Image: pearlsandscissors

Chain Link Ear Cuff:

Image: alwaysrooney

Crystal Ear Cuff: DIY

Image: diynamicstyle

DIY Ear Cuff Tutorial:

Image: byisnata

Navette Rhinestones Ear Cuff:

Image: honestlywtf

Silver Ear Cuff – DIY

Image: paperraindrops.blogspot

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