How to Make Your Own Beads

Beads are always one of our go-to crafting items. I’ll often take out my stash of pony beads, grab some string or pipe cleaners, and let the kids get creating.

It keeps them entertained for quite some time, and they always come out with the coolest creations!

1. Beads made from plastic bottles

Guidecentral English

2. DIY painted wood beads

Think Make Share

3. Round paper beads from magazine pages

Mum in The Madhouse

4. Thread wrapped felt beads

Handmade Charlotte

5. DIY clay marble beads

Laura Murray

6. DIY copper tube beads

Alice and Lois

7. DIY wrapped embroidery thread beads

Encourage Fashion

8. No-glue fabric beads made from ribbon

Happily Ever Mom

9. Easy perler bead bracelets

One Crazy Mom

10. Woven paper beads


11. Simple solid polymer clay beads

Fall for DIY

12. DIY gemstone clay beads


13. Silk scarf covered beaded necklace


14. DIY game tile beads

Where The Wind Blows

15. DIY salt dough beads

Red Ted Art!

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