Awesome DIY Phone and Tablet Accessories

Check out these 15 awesome tablet and smartphone accessories that you can make yourself instead.

1. Pencil and elastic tablet stand


Do you like to have your tablet propped nearby while you’re working so you can check your weekly schedule or answer emails without interrupting the spreadsheets or design programs on your work laptop? Then you’ll need a good stand! We’re big fans of this easy DIY prop made of pencils and elastics. As if it’s not enough that it looks really cool, it’s also convenient that you can probably find everything you need to make it sitting in your office right now. Check the whole process out on Eyes On Rhi.

2. Cardboard phone dock


Yes, making a phone dock really can be that easy. This picture might show just a cell phone, but a strip of cardboard folded and cut in certain places can actually support a small tablet as well!  You’ll simply have to adjust the pattern to the dimensions of your device. Check the idea out on Dessine Moi un Objet. They’re in French, but Google Translate will help you out with that!

3. Binder clip phone stand


Once again, this picture actually shows a phone, but using small clips to stand your smaller device up is just one option. Large binder clips are also available in most stores, and might even already be sitting around your office, and the clipping and leaning techniques are exactly the same no matter the size of your device! See how it’s done on Instructables.

4. Ikea bracket tablet stand


Do you love any opportunity to get a little creative by using something for a different purpose than it was intended for? Those kinds of projects are some of our favourites! Ikea Hackers suggests using that technique to make yourself a tablet stand out of a wall bracket that would normally support a shelf. Just make a couple quick alterations and voila!

5. Leather envelope case


Here’s a case that would work for either a smartphone or a tablet! You’ll just need to measure carefully to make sure that it fits whichever device you choose to make ti for. Design Sponge reminds you how great an envelope shape is for a case because it folds over to keep your technology firmly inside.

6. Leather phone case with card slot


This design works for both tablets and phones as well, but we find the pocket most useful for keeping our cards with our smartphones! We love the visible chunky seam and the worn leather finish that’s a little purposely rustic. Check out how it’s made on Kojo Designs.

7. Gift ribbon and glitter phone case


Do you just adore things that glitter and shine? Then we’re pretty sure you’ll absolutely love this glitter and confetti idea! Design Sponge shows you how to glam up a phone case like this, but you could use the same techniques for a simple snap-on tablet case as well.

8. Popsicle phone cases


These little popsicle cases are so adorable that we want to sew ourselves one in every colour, pattern, and design imaginable! These little ones made for smartphone sand mp3 players are best for size versus appearance, but you could make a larger version for your tablet or mini tablet as well. Straight Stitch Society walks you through it.

9. Buttoning felt and fabric phone case


Do you like the idea of your case having a button so that the device actually stays inside? Then we recommend this adorably soft felt and fabric case with a big stylish button in the middle! Dark Blck shows you how to sew the edges, make the flap, and put the button in securely.

10. Crochet monster phone case


Are you much more confident in your crochet skills than you are in your ability to sew a case, but you’d rather make one from scratch than customizing a plastic one? Check out these hilarious little monsters by Genuine Mud Pie! They’re made of simple stitches, making them a quick project. You could customize the eyes and mouth however you like.

11. Wood and leather case with pen holder


Do you use your smartphone and tablet for important things so often that you’ve actually purchased a stylus “pen” for the screen? Then perhaps you’d prefer to make yourself a more upscaled case design that’ll actually let you store the pen with it so it doesn’t get lost. We adore this leather and wood design by Patrick Ng.

12. Hard cover book laptop case


Are you a nostalgic person who loves repurposing things from your childhood? Perhaps you have a tablet that you use primarily for reading with your kids and teaching them things using learning games and apps. Either way, this adorable hardcover children’s book case is the perfect case for you! Instructables shows you how to detach the cover and put in a zipper to keep the device safe and undamaged.

13. Scalloped edge felt tablet case


I simplicity your favourite thing? Well, it’s a prominent feature in both the style of and technique for making this cute felt tablet case with a scalloped edge. Follow the steps on Oh So Lovely Vintage or alter them to a smaller size and make a little case for your smartphone in the same design.

14. Homemade tablet stylus


We talked about stylus pens earlier, but they can be pricey to buy in stores. As usual, the DIY community has figured out a way for you to recreate your own homemade version for cheaper and it’ll work just as well! Check out the steps for making one for yourself on Makezine!

15. Homemade tablet projector


Do you love your tablet but occasionally wish the screen was a little bigger for things like watching movies? Well, you can actually make yourself a projector that’ll put the screen’s image onto the wall in a way that you can’t do with your laptop or desktop computer. It sounds intimidating but it’s easier than you might thing! Check the idea out on The King of Random.

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