Amazing DIY Crafts Involving Early Fall Leaves

1. Leaf coasters


Coasters are one of the easiest ways to flip your decor over from summer to fall in a really quick and subtle way. Sure, you could find pre-made fall coasters in the nearest home store, but making your own is always more fun! Confessions of a Home Schooler suggests putting your decoupage skills to use and pasting freshly fallen leaves on the surface of square tiles to make low maintenance fall coasters!

2. Little leaf people


Do your kids love a good excuse to colour and craft on something other the the usual regular paper you give them for drawing, colouring, and gluing? Well, you might not have guessed it, but leaves make a great canvas too! At Home With Ali suggests drawing on them or decorating them with stickers.

3. Crayon and leaf rubbings


Leaf rubbings have been a classic fall time craft for kids for generations! If we had to guess when they started became popular we’d probably say the beginning of time, and they’re still going because they’re just that much fun. Creative Chicks at Play reminds you how they’re done, even though the technique hasn’t changed since you were a kid!

4. Leaf tree paint print


This gorgeous method of painting, featured here on Pinterest is like the opposite of using a stencil! Instead of painting in the negative space, paint the surface of the leaf in different colours so that when you press it face down onto a page, the raised features of the leaf imprint like a stamp!

5. Little leaf owls


When you were a kid, did you ever cut colours and pictures out of magazines and use the pieces to make a kind of collaged picture of something else? Well, you can do the same thing with different colours of leaves! Check out how What’s Up With That? made this adorable green owl sitting on an actual “branch”!

6. DIY clay leaf bowls


Okay, so this project isn’t actually made of real leaves, but it almost looks real! This gorgeous decorative side bowl is made of clay with the fine details engraved into the surface. You could make it out of any colours you choose, but we love these reds, greens, and golds, just like real fallen leaves! Check it out on One Project Closer.

7. Leaf collaged wall art


Did you like the leaf piece owl art but you’d rather create a collage using dried fall leaves in all of their autumn coloured glory? Then try making a beautiful piece on a backing of smooth wood! We love this giant leaf made of other leaves by Tip Junkie.

8. Beaded leaf necklace


In the springtime kids made daisy chain necklaces and in the summer they make dandelion crowns, but what can they do in the fall when all the warm weather plants stop blooming? Beaded leaf necklaces, of course! You might buy faux leaves made of fabric for your kids to craft with, or you might help them collect actual leaves from the yard to get crafty with. Check the idea out on Kiwi Crate.

9. Leaf and pipe cleaner butterflies


Leaves come in all different shapes and sizes, but most of them look like impressive butterfly wings if you turn them sideways! That’s why this post from Pinterest suggests making a little bug’s body out of pipe cleaners, giving it some googly eyes, and attaching a tilted leaf on each side.

10. Leaf magnets


Filth Wizardry guides you through the process of laminating fallen leaves of all shapes and sizes and gluing magnetic strips on the back to make beautiful autumn fridge magnets! We like these so much that we’d be tempted to leave them up all year round.

11. Mason jar leaf lanterns


Did you really like the idea of doing decoupage with leaves like we suggested earlier on the list, but you’re not sure you need anymore drink coasters? Check out this adorable little fall lantern idea from Creative Party Ideas by Cheryl instead! All you need besides your leaves is an empty mason jar, a tea light candle, and some clear drying liquid glue!

12. Leaf place cards for dinner


Are you looking for a place card idea for Thanksgiving dinner that’s easy enough for the kids to make and still totally on theme for the season? Follow in North Texas Kids‘ footsteps and have them write their family members’ names right onto the surface of some fallen leaves! Let them draw on the leaves or even add a little glitter for some extra glam.

13. Popsicle stick leaf puppets


When you’re a kid with lots of imagination, pretty much anything can become a character with a personality. That’s why Happy Home Fairy suggests making little popsicle stick leaf people with your kids this fall! We can’t get over how hilarious each little puppet’s googly eyes will look.

14. Autumn leaf stained glass


Okay, so perhaps you shouldn’t let your kids actually paste leaves to the glass in your windows permanently, but you can create the illusion using wax paper! When the sun shines through the window, the leaves will glow all kinds of warm fall colours. Check out how these “stained glass” windows are made on Artful Parent!

15. Autumn leaf door wreath


We say this a lot because they’re such a fun, diverse craft to make, but door wreaths aren’t just for Christmas time like you might think! There are plenty of gorgeous autumn door wreaths that you can make yourself as well. Our favourite idea is to make it right out of fallen leaves from the park or your yard, just like The Frugal Homemaker did here.

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