Awesome DIY Studded Fashion Ideas

Studs are so cheap! You can buy a bag of 100-200 for under $5 and stud up your clothes on your own.

AStudded Box Chain Necklace:

Image: apairandasparediy

Leather Studded Wrap Bracelet:

Image: cremedelacraft

Studded Sweater:

Image: beautyguide101.blogspot

Studded Vans Authentic Sneakers:

Image: honestlywtf

Valentino Inspired Clutch:

Image: cortinsession

Handbag With Studs:

Image: wordpress

No-Sew Lattice Shoulder Cutout Tee:

Image: wobisobi.blogspot

Pearl Studded Sweater:

Image: honestlywtf

Studded Collar: DIY

Image: morgane-leopardlegs

Studded Shorts:

Image: prudenceandaustere.blogspot

Embroidered Star Stud Shorts:

Image: eyesofacouturier

Studded Canvas Sneakers:

Image: pumpsandiron

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