Awesome DIY Wood Décor Projects

Check out these 15 stunning DIY projects made from wood that range from simple to more complicated, so everyone with any woodworking skill level can get something from reading this list.

1. Barn door headboard

Do you live near some old family farms that are always updating and having farm sales where you find surprisingly useful things? Then keep an eye out for some bigger pieces because you’d be surprised how useful even those can be around the house! An entire stunningly rustic barn door, for example, makes an absolutely beautiful headboard. Old World Garden Farms shows you how it’s done.

2. Pallet section shelves

Okay, we fully admit it: we absolutely adore pallets. Wooden pallets are one of the most versatile DIY and crafting tools you’ll come across if you’re keen on making your own wooden décor but they’re particularly great if you’re not that experienced in working with wood as a material. Pallets already have a little bit of structure, so you can often get away with mostly cutting and altering things. That’s how the little pallet section shelf was made! See the idea in full detail on The Nest!

3. Pallet wood entryway bench

Speaking of working with pallets, projects that take the wood entirely apart rather that using full pieces are a lot of fun to make as well! They’re actually the perfect kind of wood to use if you are just learning about wood working because they’re not expensive, so you don’t have to feel bad if the wood gets marked in your process. In something like this cute slatted entryway bench by My Sophia Ryan, that will only increase the rustic appeal!

4. Reclaimed wood frames with burlap

Just because you’d like to work with wood and add some wooden character to your décor doesn’t mean you have to make something bigger or more complicated. You can absolutely make small décor pieces using smaller pieces of bought or reclaimed wood, and do it in less time! We’re big fans of making our own wooden picture frames because then they’re yours to complete customize. This post on Pinterest suggests filling the inside of your frame with burlap like a backing and attaching a metal binder clip to hold the picture in place.

5. Varied wood slat coffee table

Perhaps you or one of your family members actually does do a bit of woodworking and you have access to some mixed and matched leftover pieces that you might normally pair together? Well, break the rules this time around and try making a multi-stained, multi-grained table top! Brooklyn to West shows you how to make it like a mosaic.

6. Branch section picture frame

Do you love the idea of building wooden décor projects but you’d actually prefer a look that’s a little more natural? By natural, we actually mean straight from the branch! We love the way Ginger Flair cut tiny pieces of branches into little circles and arranged them on base wood to create an awesome textured and visual picture frame.

7. Twig picture frame

Perhaps you do quite like the idea of framing a picture in branches but the only natural wood you have access to are small twigs and sticks rather than actual branches? Well, in DIY, you work with what you’ve got! Collect some twigs and cut them into short pieces, gluing them all along the outside of a premade frame for ease, just like HGTV did here.

8. Grand wooden backsplash

Just in case you’re ready for much more of a commitment and much more of a statement piece, here’s an absolutely stunning home décor idea from Houzz. They suggest  creating a beautifully rustic chic backsplash wall in your living room, made entirely of circular cut sections of logs and tree trunks.

9. Tree section clock

Did you create your stunning backsplash wall and have some leftover log sections still set to the side when you were done? Then you have what you need to do even more DIY! If your pieces are a medium size, then we definitely suggest this cottage-chic clock by Houzz! We like the idea of leaving it unmarked, but you could add decorative numbers if you liked as well.

10. Twig candle holders

When you made your twig picture frame did you gather too many sticks and end up with a pile left over? Well, here’s another idea for you to use up all your scraps! Cut the branches into smaller twig sections and glue them all across the outside surface of a premade glass candle holder, just like you see here on Pinterest.

11. Wooden mail sorter

Are you ready to work with wood just enough to create something small like an easy shelf? We think that’s a great place to start, but we also think you should consider trying something just a little more stylish and challenging. Take on angled shapes to create these little mail slots accompanied by some useful key hooks. Fox Hollow Cottage has the full instructions for you.

12. Wood planked wall

Are you looking for something simple and classic that will let you simply appreciate the wood and its stunning grain without changing what it looks like too much? Then this smooth wood panelled wall by Thrifty Décor Chick might be a little more your speed than the cut log backsplash and other more complicated or intricate looks.

13. Old wooden ironing board welcome sign

Are you as obsessed with repurposing vintage household wares around your more modern home the way we are? There’s just something so stunning about the juxtaposition of the two that we simply can’t get over! If you appreciate the look but you haven’t really gotten into any projects yet, start with something simple like this welcome sign ironing board. The Rustic Pig shows you how to stencil it neatly.

14. Wooden coffee cup hanger

Perhaps you’re looking for just a little bit of wooden detail to add to your kitchen but you don’t have time to make anything too complicated. Besides, that might overwhelm the décor in the room! Check out how Scout Mob cut, stained, and finished this adorable hook set that’s perfect for hanging coffee mugs and tea cups.

15. Driftwood coat rack

Are you still intent on making something with natural wood but the kind of wood you love most is driftwood? Well, as beautiful as it is, driftwood isn’t always a shape that makes a good base for simple wooden décor projects. In that case, use it to embellish another easy wooden piece instead! Shining City shows you exactly how it’s done.

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