Awesome Monster Theme Party Ideas

1 Monster Brownie Pops


Monster Brownie Pops: Decorate these kooky bug-eyed monster brownies pops to serve at your festive Halloween bash. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

2 Monster Pudding Cups


Monster Pudding Cups: Bright, fun monsters are all the rage right now, not only for Halloween, but monster birthday parties too. This is a fun monster treat that your kids will love to help out with. What you will need: Cups plastic drinking, clear souffl, or glass Vanilla pudding Sprinkles White and dark chocolate Thin decorating paint brush Food Dye To make: Melt the white and dark chocolate in the microwave for about 30 seconds (add just a little more time if needed). Using the decorating brush and chocolate paint the monster faces on the inside of the cups. Lay the cups… (via Create-Celebrate-Explore)

3 Monster Balloon Backdrop


Monster Balloon Backdrop: This terrific MONSTER THEMED FOURTH BIRTHDAY PARTY was submitted by Adriana Bauman of Preparativos Lulu. A few of the highlights & party ideas to look for in this monster party are: The 2-tier fondant cake complete with silly faces and eyeball cake toppers The frame and monster face photo booth props The gable box lunches set out for the party guests The monster face backpack favor bags and MORE! (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

4 Monster Door Decor


Monster Door Decor (via Ducks in a Row)

5 Monster Mouth Photo Props


Monster Mouth Photo Props: SoIm a nicknamer. I nick name everything and everybody. Especially my kids. My husband shakes his head from time to time and wonders aloud why we spent sooooooo much time choosing the perfect names for our little princesses just so I could never use them. I cant explain it. I’m just a nicknamer. But ‘Im (via Mimi’s Dollhouse)

6 Monster Invites


Monster Invites (via Beth Kruse Custom Creations)

7 Monster Bean Bag Toss


Monster Bean Bag Toss: Monster Party + Monster Tutorial including lots of ideas and tutorials to have the perfect monster party! (via lilluna)

8 Slime Filled Monster Cupcakes


Slime Filled Monster Cupcakes: Make these super easy, adorable Monster Cupcakes with your kiddos. (via Hoosier Homemade)

9 Monster Cookie Sticks


Monster Cookie Sticks: These monster cookie sticks are simple to cut out and easy to decorate with royal icing and candy eyes. Great for kids and perfect for Halloween. (via The Decorated Cookie)

10 Coloring a Monster


Coloring a Monster (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

11 Monster Piñata


Monster Piñata (via Huge Giggles Tiny Toes)

12 Monster Hamper Toss


Monster Hamper Toss (via Dollar Store Crafts)

13 Monster House Monster Matching Game


Monster House Monster Matching Game: Were having a ghoulishly haunting time as we match up these monstrous creatures in our Monster Match Game. Cricut, a Make and Takes sponsor, provided me with their new Mini Monsters cartridge to help create these crafty paper monsters for… Continue Reading (via Make and Takes)

14 Monster Masks


Monster Masks: For me, choosing a party theme is the easy part. Then I get started on pulling it all together. When I was working on the monster theme, it just wasn’t (via Nounces)

15 Monster Play Dough


Monster Play Dough (via Meet the Dubiens)

16 Adopt a Monster


Adopt a Monster: The Daily B parenting photography writing blog (via The Daily B (Archives))

17 Monster Snacks


Monster Snacks: After every one of my parties, as I clean up all the left over food, I always notice that the cheese plate is completely empty. Now my husband may have something to do with that, but I do believe that no matter what occasion you are celebrating, cheese is always popular. For our Halloween parties…Read More (via Hungry Happenings)

18 Monster Utensil Holders


Monster Utensil Holders (via a {day} with lil mama stuart)

19 Fun Monster Colored Sheets


Fun Monster Colored Sheets (via CC Party Planners)

20 Juice Box Monsters


Juice Box Monsters: Ive been meaning to make these guys for quite a while now. Every time I pull out my craft supplies to make something, those empty juice boxes just keep staring at me. With Halloween almost here, I was running out of time, so I made them this morning. There are endless possibilities with these guys,Read More (via Crafts by Amanda)

21 Ghost Punch


Ghost Punch (via Better Homes and Gardens)

22 Spooky Haunted Houses


Spooky Haunted Houses: We love to make these fun Candy Halloween Houses, thanks to my sister Steph for introducing this fun idea. These turned out to be the best weve made yet. My son really gets into it. At first glance you may… Continue Reading (via Make and Takes)

23 Pom Pom Monsters


Pom Pom Monsters (via The Purple Pug)

24 Googley Eyed Green Blobs


Googley Eyed Green Blobs: Halloween is getting closer and were prepping the house for some spooky scares! These green blobs in a bottle will fit right in, as we craft up some scary Halloween decorations this year. I found this creepy craft in the… Continue Reading (via Make and Takes)

25 Mike Wazowski Snack Pack


Mike Wazowski Snack Pack: Whether youre a student with your eye focused on the best scaring program in the country or just your typical person on the go, this little snack pack is sure to come in handy. (via Disney)

26 Felt Monster


Felt Monster: Share the love…. We tend to make a lot of crafts at our house. We are just a crafty family. I wish we were an exercise family, but I think that gene bypassed me :/ We usually have a pretty large stash of crafting items in the house which makes it nice since I (via Just Short of Crazy)

27 Monster Eggs


Monster Eggs: A fun and easy kid’s DIY idea for Easter. (via Spaceships and Laser Beams)

28 Kid-Size Monster Cutouts


Kid-Size Monster Cutouts: Strike a pose and snap a photo with these gargantuan monsters at your next Halloween party. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

29 Apple Monsters


Apple Monsters: Before you take your little ones trick-or-treating, throw them a frightful backyard Halloween party with our fun and spooky ideas for eats, treats, and games! (via Parents)

30 Monster Slime


Monster Slime (via Chez Beeper Bebe)

31 Orange Monster Cake


Orange Monster Cake: You might remember my post a few months ago about the graduation dessert table that I helped my friend Toni with it was amazing! Well folks, shes done it again!! She planned THE MOST ADORABLE monster party for her twins that were turning 2. I asked her permission to take pictures so I could post on (via Paper Crush)

32 Spooky Smoothies


Spooky Smoothies: There’s nothing spooky about the cooling taste of the blueberry and blackberry drink. They’re all dressed up with meringue cookie eyeballs for a Halloween party. (via Better Homes and Gardens)

33 Monster Cupcakes


Monster Cupcakes: A great monster party bash with guest book table, thumb print tree, monster mouth masks, monster cake, monster cookies & more monster party ideas. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

34 Monster Repellent Spray


Monster Repellent Spray: Help your kids ward off scary bedtime monsters with a can of Monster Spray that you’ve created with our downloadable label. (via Chica and Jo)

35 Pin the Eye to the Monster Game


Pin the Eye to the Monster Game: Monster Party + Monster Tutorial including lots of ideas and tutorials to have the perfect monster party! (via lilluna)

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