Awesome Outdoor Halloween Decorations

Whether you want to go all out with bone-chilling bats, sinister skeletons and scary spiders, or you just want to add a hint of horror to your house, you’ll find the perfect project here. They’re all easy to make and you’re guaranteed to get a scream or two!

Check out all 15 decorations in this blog post.

Halloween Countdown Sign

Before the big day arrives, make sure you countdown in style!

Gigantic Halloween Spider Web

If you’re going to decorate there’s no point doing it by halves! Create this impressive spider web and go all out this Halloween!

DIY Direction Post

Ensure your little monsters don’t get lost with this fun direction post! It’s simple to make and will look fantastic in your front yard!

Spooky Mason Jar Luminaries

These artistic luminaries are perfect for decorating this Hallows Eve! Stick them out on the porch for the trick or treaters or take them inside for a ghoulish glow!

Eyeballs In A Tree!

It may be simple but this DIY is oh-so effective!

Illuminated Ghost Garland

Not only will these ghosts look great during the day but when it starts to get dark you can flip a switch and watch them come alive!

DIY Halloween Wreath Ideas

Dress up your door with these creepy Halloween wreaths. They’re simple to make and you won’t have to part with lots of money. The hardest part will be deciding which version to make…a skeleton, a pumpkin or a snake one!

Broom Parking Sign

Even witches and wizards need a rest sometimes and this quirky sign offers the perfect place for them to park their broomsticks!

Paper Mache Skulls

Let your skeletons out of the closet with this fantastically easy project!

Creepy Tombstones

Create a spooky graveyard atmosphere in your yard with these life-like headstones. All you need is a bit of styrofoam and some spray paint.

DIY Giant Yard Spider

If you’re scared of spiders then you might want to look away now because they don’t get much bigger (or better) than this!

Witch Crash Tutorial

This creative craft will only set you back $20. We think that’s pretty good considering how amazing the finished result looks!

Glowing Eyes

Who would have thought that a few toilet paper rolls and some glow sticks could produce something so scary! Do you feel like you’re being watched?

Hanging Foam Bats

This is one for the whole family – we guarantee that the kids will love making these bats almost as much as they like spooking people with them!

DIY Halloween Doormat

You might not want to go O.T.T with the decorations but that doesn’t mean you can’t still inject a little fun. This doormat is perfect for adding a hint of Halloween to your house!

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