Awesome Rock Painting Ideas For The Kids

Let’s have a peek at 15 rock painting ideas for the kiddos to try.

1. Emojis

Emojis are a great bout of inspiration, especially for the little ones. From the heart eyes to the winky face, there’s a host of different things that you can paint all from glancing at the keyboard on your phone. Check out these cuties at Living Rich With Coupons.

2. Owls

Owls can be a pretty cute bout of inspiration as well. We found these owl painted rocks at Family Days Tried and Tested and knew they needed to be featured. You can get so creative and really personalize each painting.

3. Colorblock

Alisa Burke made some super trendy rock magnets for her fridge and we’re in love. We love the colorblocking and pattern mixing. It’s a great project that inspires some fun rock painting!

4. M&M’s

We’re betting on the kids really getting a kick out of this one. You can turn your rocks into their favorite candy treat! Just check out the details by visiting A Girl & A Glue Gun.

5. Strawberries

Hodge Podge Craft went with some strawberry designs and we’re loving them too. They’re so sweet and charming, you could even display the finished product in an apothecary jar throughout he summertime. Take the leap and gather your inspiration.

6. Monsters

Makoodle created some monster rocks that we are sure the kiddos will fall in love with too. Make sure that you have a package of googly eyes with your paint. And then, let them get creative with their faces!

7. Pumpkins

If fall is coming to call, why not use the season as your inspiration? These pumpkin rocks from I Love Painted Rocks are just too adorable. And we’re fairly certain that the kiddos are going to love creating all the different jack-o-lantern faces.

8. Christmas

Just like the fall, your winter holidays can inspired as well. Just check out these cute designs from Sustain My Craft Habit. Elves, reindeer, trees, Santa, and more, grab the paint and get t

9. Flowers

We scoured Pinterest for some ideas as well. And when we stumbled up this floral beauty, we knew it needed to be featured. There are so many different route to take if you’re turning your rocks into beautiful petals!

10. Donuts

We found this donut design on Pinterest too. Just grab the colors you need and turn your rock into a sprinkled treat. You can even hide them around town for your neighbors to find.

11. Flags

Of course you could always turn the craft into a history lesson as well. For every flag painted, you can learn a bit about the country it represents. Again, more great ideas found on Pinterest.

12. Hearts

Pink Stripey Socks went with something extra simple and sweet. Just grab your favorite colors and get to work. The contrast is nice and it’s easy for the kiddos too.

13. Baseball

We stumbled upon this one on Pinterest too. Of course you can turn all those rocks into your favorite sports! Baseballs, basketballs, and the like, the little ones will enjoy every minute.

14. Cacti

Craftberry Bush not only painted the rocks but they created an entirely new piece of home décor out of it. We love how some rocks outside could so nicely be turned into funky cactus accents. And they’re easy to create too!

15. Pizza

And finally, use your favorite foods as inspiration for your rock designs. This pizza rock from Hello, Meredith is adorable. Just imagine how a hamburger or French fry design could turn out!

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