Awesome Ways To Decorate Your Home With Pumpkins!

Halloween is quickly approaching and with it comes pumpkin decorating season! There is always the fall-back, traditional jack-o-lantern design – but why not try something with a little bit more pizzaz this year?

We have created a list of some of the most unique and creative pumpkin designs that we could find! From bright and colorful to classy and elegant, and everything in between. There is sure to be a pumpkin on this list that will bewitch your creativity!

Happy pumpkin carving (or not carving)!

Melted Crayons – Easy and beautiful, this no-carve pumpkin design is a great way to use up some old crayons and make a delightfully charming pumpkin decoration. The directions are straight-forward and easy to follow.

Glittered Pumpkins – These gorgeous glitter pumpkins are a great statement piece in any classy Halloween display. The directions have plenty of pictures and are easy to follow to make these adorable pumpkins.

Glitz and Glam Pumpkin – A bit of glue, some lovely rhinestones and a pretty embellishment help set the stage for this elegant pumpkin. Paint it a pale color for a classy pumpkin like this one, or go bright for a fun, modern twist!

Stocking Wrapped Pumpkin – For a simple, yet gorgeous pumpkin, wrap it in an embellished stocking like the one above to wow your guests! The best stockings are sheer with a pattern, or even just use a simple fishnet.

Pumpkin Vase – Make a functional vase out of your pumpkin for a lovely centerpiece. Carve a cute face into the pumpkin for an added decoration.

Raccoon Carved Pumpkin – Carve a fun, woodland animal into your pumpkin with some of these easy to follow stencils. There are a whole collection of different animals to choose from!

Black Cat Pumpkins – These black cats make some adorable front stoop decorations and are fun to create. Find different pumpkin shapes to create different looking cats and enjoy these little cuties.

“Burger” Pumpkin – This lovely little burger is a simple and fun no-carve pumpkin project! Paint your pumpkin bun-colored and add some sesame seeds, glue, and a bit of crepe paper streamers create this fun little project.

Little Whale Pumpkin – This cute little whale will make a fun addition to your Halloween party decor! The directions are simple, follow them and you can make your own fun little whale!

Puff Paint Pumpkins – For some truly stunning no-carve pumpkins follow this simple how-to. Paint, puff paint, and a pencil for your designs makes up the list of materials for this fun, detail oriented project!

Argyle Painted Pumpkins –  Paint a simple argyle design on your pumpkins for an easy no-carve design. Mix up your colors for some different decor!

Ombre Pumpkins – Simple but striking, these ombre painted pumpkins are a bright, fun addition to your seasonal decor! Paint the pumpkin white (or another light, solid color) and carefully sponge on each layer of your accent colors to expertly blend them together.

Patchwork Pumpkin – For a more modern pumpkin design, paint the pumpkin white then mask off angular squares before painting over it in a contrasting color. Remove the tape and expose your design!

Lace-Patterned Pumpkins – These take a little bit more work than the other pumpkins in this list, plenty of delicate carving to do. But there is no denying that the final product is quite striking in its design.

Coastal Pumpkins – Complete with printable templates, these cute coastal-themed pumpkin carvings are a great addition to a nautical Halloween party!

Confetti Pumpkins – These fun confetti pumpkins are a striking design addition for a contemporary party design! If you are not a fan of more traditional designs, these modern pumpkins may be just your style!

Studded Chalk Paint Pumpkin – Take your decor to a punk level with these chalkboard paint pumpkins covered in studs! Glue these on in fun patterns and designs to create a unique look for your own project!

Neon Dip-Painted Pumpkins – For a bright, colorful addition to your decor, dip paint some white pumpkins in fun neon colors and embellish with some painted “drips”.

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