Awesome Ways To Use Vintage Crates

Like pallets, vintage wooden crates are incredibly versatile. But unlike pallets, crates typically don’t have to be disassembled before you can start turning them into something spectacular. By adding something as simple as wheels, you can transform an old crate into rolling storage, or create simple shelving by stacking and securing several crates together.

The best part about crafting with crates is that they do lend themselves so well to building household furniture. Typically, you don’t need to alter the crates too much to achieve the desired effect.

We’ve assembled a diverse blend of DIY projects that all utilize vintage crates as the building blocks for something greater. You’re sure to have your inspiration sparked!

Rustic Crate Desk – This rustic desk’s sturdy supports are stacked crates, which double as open shelving, an important feature for any desk. This is an inexpensive solution to an expensive piece of furniture.

Upcycled Crate Planter Box – Create an indoor herb or vegetable garden using an old crate. You’ll add personality to your garden!

Storage Crates with Chalkboard Labels – A simple stain and attaching chalkboard labels is an easy transformation from junk to quaint storage baskets for an entertainment center with open shelving.

Bike Basket – A wine crate makes for a spacious bike basket that will really turn heads. Simply attach it to the back of your bike!

Rustic Pet Bed – Simply remove a few boards from one side of a crate, attach legs, and add bedding to create a rustic bed bed. For good measure, stencil the cutie’s name on!

Upcycled Coca-Cola Crate Spice Rack – This vintage Coca-Cola crate is the perfect size to display and keep your spices on hand at all times.

Rolling Firewood Caddy – Adding wheels and a simple aluminum bucket to a crate gives you a unique firewood caddy that will make all your friends jealous!

Crate Storage Coffee Table – Four matching crates secured together create an awesome coffee table with built-in storage. Fill the center with wine corks and a large plant!

Craft Crate Built-In Shelving – Stacked crates on top of dressers creates a fantastic storage solution that looks built-in. Install lights above the headboard to to keep clutter off of your nightstands.

DIY Lemonade Stand – Use crates to build the base of a super-cute lemonade stand that your kids will love!

Wine Rack – Add a few extra boards to the insides to create this simple wine rack.

Bench with Shoe Storage – This low-profile bench is the perfect spot to have a seat while you put on your shoes. As a bonus, it also holds your favorite pairs!

Vintage Milk Crate Ottoman – Adding a fluffy upholstered top to a crate is simple business, and when the result looks so good, how could you resist!

Hanging Book Baskets – Make these simple bookshelves by slicing a single crate in half. Mount them on the wall for easy book storage in a kid’s room.

Rustic Crate Nightstand – Add a dark stain to your crates and secure one on top of the other to create a simple rustic nightstand wit open shelf storage.

Rolling Pantry Organization – Rolling baskets are great for the pantry. You can easily pull out a drawer to look in, and your goods stay organized. You’ll never find a package shoved to the back of a cabinet again!

Pirate Toybox – A locked storage trunk is almost built to be made into a child’s toybox. Get creative and turn it into a pirate’s treasure chest!

Throw Pillow and Blanket Storage – Dress up a plain crate with sleek handles and use it to store extra blankets or throw pillows, instead of on the floor.

Mudroom Storage – Stacked crates on wheels can turn an entryway into a mudroom while keeping the boots organized and off the floor.

Coca-Cola Pet Food Holder – Elevate your pet’s food and water by placing them in holes cut into a vintage crate. This project features an old Coca-Cola crate with the logo intact.

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