Awesome Wood Projects

Check out these crazy woodworking projects that are jedi-level awesome! Take these as a motivation next time you are creating something cool of wood yourself – who knows, it might just end up in this list.

DIY Wood Headboard:

Image: ournerdhome

Embroidered Pallet Wood Art:

Image: stylemotivation

Cross Stitch Heart In Wood:

Image: stylemotivation

Tree Stump Table:


Painted Wood Slice Pumpkins:

Image: madewithhappy

Rustic Wood Planter Box:

Image: listinspired

Barn Wood Picture Frame:

Image: pinterest

DIY Candles:

Image: pinterest

Wooden Cell Phone Stand:

Image: diymaniac

Scrap Wood Candle Holder:


Spring Moss Letter:

Image: karaspartyideas

Birch Forest Wood Clock.:

Image: homedit

Arrow Wall Art:

Image: countryliving

Wood Pallet Wall Art:

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Wall Art Design:

Image: decoist

Winter Wedding Idea:

Image: feelitcool

Rustic Reclaimed Wood Hearts:

Image: pinterest

Address Paques:


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