Awsome Candy Wrappers DIY Ideas

1. Candy wrapper hairbands


Plain plastic hairbands and chocolate wrappers make for some sweet style!(Source: Biblio Bags)

2. Candy wrapper beads


Have you ever made paper beads? Then you’ve already got the skills you need to make these beads from candy wrappers!(Source: Ecouterre)

3. Candy wrapper coin purse


Why not make yourself a change pouch to store all the coins you’ll save up for your next sweet treat?(Source: Punkin Patterns)

4. Candy wrapper wreath


This tutorial teaches you not only how to put the wreath together, but also how to fold wrappers in a way that lets you make all kinds of projects!(Source: Michele Made Me

5. Starburst wrapper headband


Remember that wrapper folding technique we were just talking about? Use it with brightly coloured Starburst wrappers to make this cute headband!(Source: Deviant Art)

6. Candy wrapper curtains


Stringing candy wrappers along some clear fishing line will help you create a set of “beaded” curtains like the ones you’ve seen in doorways in pictures from the 70s. Instead of beads, however, try using colourful candy wrappers!(Source: Smack Mellon)

7. Chocolate wrapper origami


Origami is a detailed and relaxing art, but it can take a lot of paper. Put your paper-folding skills to the test with recycled chocolate bar wrappers instead!

8. Candy wrapper coasters


Do you have an absolute favourite type of chocolate that you just can’t get enough of? Display your love to the world, or at least your house guests, with these cute DIY wrapper coasters.(Source: Re-Creations Project)

9. Candy wrapper bowl


What better way to give out Halloween candy than in a bowl that’s literally made of candy wrappers? Trick-or-treaters will get a huge kick out of it.(Source: Community Table)

10. Starburst wrapper dress


The classic wrapper folding technique strikes again! You can make basically anything once you know how to do that… including complete garments!(Source: Bit Rebels)

11. Candy wrapper lamp shade sleeve


Do you have an old lamp that needs a bit of a facelift? Link together some bright candy wrappers and make a slip-on cover for the lamp shade.(Source: Michele Made Me)

12. Candy wrapper clutch


Are you having trouble finding a pre-made clutch that sits your bright, colourful style? Make your own out of candy wrappers for an awesome DIY statement piece.(Source: Scrap Hacker)

13. Candy wrapper light switch plate


Much like wall paper or old maps, candy wrappers can be pasted onto smooth surfaces to brighten up your decor a little!(Source: Marina)

14. Candy wrapper belt


If you’re anything like us, you have at least one boring old belt sitting in your closet that you’ll probably never use. Give it a new lease on life with a layer of colourful candy wrappers!(Source: Lil Blue Boo)

15. Candy wrapper buckets


Whether you use them for storage or trick-or-Treating, these candy wrapper coated buckets are as practical as they are fun-looking!(Source: Martha Stewart)

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