Beautiful Contact Paper DIY Ideas

1 Papered Tile


Papered Tile: OK now let me say one thing I by no means think this looks awesome. I think its an improvement but for the first couple hours after I did this, I was like oh ok that’s hideous. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

2 Easy Coasters


Easy Coasters (via 86 Lemons)

3 Polka Dot Nursery Wall


Polka Dot Nursery Wall: Michelle shares her innovative use of contact paper to create a polka dot nursery wall in her son’s baby room and gives you all the steps to create your own. (via Project Nursery)

4 Picture Frames


Picture Frames (via ldc designs)

5 Chalkboard Table Runner


Chalkboard Table Runner: DIY Chalkboard Car Play Mat + Table Runner for Parties, Gifts and Playtime (via Studio DIY)

6 Marble Mac


Marble Mac: Hey guys! Thank you all for the respond on my Mac. Means a lot to see that it appealed to so many around the world. I’ll try and guide you through how I did it. First and foremost you need marble … (via Designlykke)

7 Wall Stripes


Wall Stripes: Hi Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your week so far. Ours has been a little busy getting ready for all the Halloween festivities to come this weekend but it is all good stuff:)! I have a little confession to make. Although my husband is super NICE & very patient, he doesn’t deal well (via City Farmhouse)

8 Gold Striped Door


Gold Striped Door: You might know that I have a thing for contact paper. First with my home studio, then Ruby’s room, and then my new studio. The thing with contact paper is that when you’re using it for its traditional and functional… (via Oh Joy!)

9 Decorate Plant Pots


Decorate Plant Pots: Have those Terra Cotta Pots just lying around? Come check out how to Decorate Terra Cotta Pots using Contact Paper! UpcycledTreasures (via Mountain Modern Life)

10 Cover Boxes with Contact Paper


Cover Boxes with Contact Paper: Reuse and repurpose boxes for stylish storage with this easy contact paper technique. (via Homey Oh My!)

11 Bar Cart Revamp


Bar Cart Revamp: Check out my do it yourself bar cart upgrade! (via Fashionlush)

12 Faux Wood Grain Mouse Pad


Faux Wood Grain Mouse Pad: DIY Faux Wood Grain Mouse pad – Cheap and easy way of updating your old mouse pad (via Petite Apartment)

13 Marble Lamp


Marble Lamp (via Weekday Carnival)

14 Vanity Makeover


Vanity Makeover: Vanity Makeover in 20 minutes and $10! – One Project Closer (via One Project Closer)

15 End Table Upgrade


End Table Upgrade: Ikea Malm End Table DIY – Home Goods, Rooms & Inspiration – diy end table, how to diy an end table, ikea diy, ikea end table hack, ikea hack, ikea malm diy, ikea malm end table diy, ikea malm end table hack, malm diy, malm hack (via The Blondielocks)

16 Pimp a Mirror


Pimp a Mirror: 1 project, 2 ways. In 2 different parts of the world…READY FOR ROUND 2?! A few months ago, Australian blogger Belinda Graham and I worked on these round (via This Little street)

17 Faux Marble Table


Faux Marble Table (via Syl and Sam)

18 Mint Desk Makeover


Mint Desk Makeover: Come see how this old wood desk got a fun mint-colored makeover! Click for details at LoveGrowsWild (via Love Grows Wild)

19 Drawer Liners


Drawer Liners (via IHeart Organizing)

20 Stainless Steel Makeover


Stainless Steel Makeover: An easy and inexpensive way to transform colored appliances into stainless steel lookalikes. Get the easy diy stainless steel instructions! (via Julie Blanner)

21 Craft Room Shelving Makeover


Craft Room Shelving Makeover: I’m super excited to give you all a little peek into my basement craft studio today. Today I’m revealing my cheap storage solution for the craft room. Its totally not done but I’m made a ton of progress from what this dungeon basement used to be. Unfinished basements are usually scary. Its like no mans…Read More (via Classy Clutter)

22 Pottery Barn Knock-Off File Cabinet


Pottery Barn Knock-Off File Cabinet: Check out how an old and ugly filing cabinet was turned into an amazing Pottery Barn Knock-Off! (via brepurposed)

23 Copper Salad Servers


Copper Salad Servers: well here’s the simplest DIY i’ve done in a while! i have to say it was pretty fun to be done with a project in a couple of minutes. we’ve been going hard watching (via Almost Makes Perfect)

24 IKEA Side Table Hack


IKEA Side Table Hack: Round these parts, IKEA hacks are kind of like the soon-to-be born royal baby. We cant stop talking about them, obsessing over them, finding joy in what they are going to look like when all is said and done. Okay, terrible reference. I know, its Monday. But seriously? We are a little nutty over all [] (via Style Me Pretty)

25 Chocolate Box Makeover


Chocolate Box Makeover: it seems like forever ago that we we’re seeing bill cosby perform on valentines day, last year. ick. so much can change in a year. but my love of marble still hasn’t! here’s a super easy (via Almost Makes Perfect)

26 Contact Paper Sun Catcher


Contact Paper Sun Catcher: When the days gets cold, bitter cold try 1 degree here in Michigan today.we all need some simple indoor activities we can do with our kids because its just too cold for little fingers outside. This sun-catcher DIY is the easiest thing you ever did see that you can do with a kid of just about…Read More (via Honest to Nod)

27 Privacy Cover


Privacy Cover (via A Merry Mishap)

28 Springy Grass Glasses


Springy Grass Glasses (via And We Play)

29 Table Legs Dipped in Marble


Table Legs Dipped in Marble (via Hommie)

30 Adding Some Flair to a Bedside Table


Adding Some Flair to a Bedside Table (via The Vault Files)

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