Beauty Hacks You’ve Probably Never Seen Before

It’s pretty tough to be a girl. With all of these amazing styles and makeup ideas out there, it’s tough to find the look you want and then obtain it. Ever looked at a magazine, said “Yes, I will do this!” and then completely messed up your new do, or makeup?

You’re not alone. But there are ways to make it easier. Tricks that they don’t like to show in magazines.

We’ve picked up some of our favorite tricks and tips to make your life a lot easier. Get the style you want with minimal effort!

Easy Cupid’s Bow Lip Liner Trick – Have a hard time getting a perfect cupid’s bow? Draw an “x” first with your lip liner and then finish lining your lips. You will get a perfect line every time!

Hide Under-Eye Circles Properly –  Do you dab your concealer just under your eye where the bag is? Try sweeping out and down to blend your concealer into other skin. You’ll drastically diminish the appearance of your under eye circles.

DIY Dry Shampoo – Some days you just don’t have time for a full shower, shampoo, and blowdry. Instead, make and use your own dry shampoo to keep from looking like a grease ball.

Easy Gradient Nails – It looks pretty tough to get those perfect gradient nails, right? Just use a makeup sponge to brush on your nail polish in one go and get the look in less than half the time!

Easy Polka Dot Nails – This is another easy manicure idea. Use a bandage with little holes to create instant, perfect polka dots. This ought to shave some time off of your manicure!

Homemade Body Scrub – There’s nothing like the incredibly smooth and silky skin you get after using a body scrub, but they can be so expensive, and you get so little. Instead, make your own and enjoy your oh-so-soft skin.

Trim Split Ends At Home – Want to increase the time between your $120 haircuts? Learn how to trim your split ends at home and see your hair fall right back into place.

Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner – Love that winged eyeliner look, but can’t get it looking right? Follow six simple steps to the perfect winged eyeliner every time!

Use Mascara As Eyeliner –  Uh oh! Forget to buy new eyeliner? Your mascara can actually perform double duty. Use a liner brush to quickly line your eye before applying your mascara.

Tame Flyaways With a Toothbrush – Tired of annoying flyaways? After you put your hair up, identify those wispy hairs and lock them down with a bit of hairspray and a toothbrush.

Get a Fuller Ponytail – In just a minute, you can get a longer, fuller ponytail. Don’t believe it? Follow the instructions and you’ll be loving the way your pony looks!

Remove Stubborn Makeup – Sometimes, waterproof makeup is necessary, but it’s such a pain to take off. Skip the scrubbing that can leave your eye burning and your skin raw, and use coconut oil to effortlessly remove your makeup!

DIY Lip Stain – Get the perfect vibrant color that’s yummy too with Kool-Aid. Your sweetheart won’t mind it either!

Long-Lasting Waves – Love those beachy waves, but they just won’t stay? Flat-iron your braids to get those perfect waves effortlessly. You’re going to love the way your hair looks!

Fragrance That Lasts – We apply our perfume in the morning, but so often it doesn’t last. That’s because we’re applying it in the wrong places! Apply your favorite fragrant at each of these points once in the morning and you’ll smell fantastic all day.

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